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under pressurer manager

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So: I only played 7 games in the bundesliga and won 5 of those. Now I'm being told I'm underachieving because of our league position. Problem is: most other teams played 14/15 games.


I get that the sheduling is difficult, but this seems hardly a fair shedule, and shouldn't the media recognise the fact I have so many games in hand?



games played.png

league table.png


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I’ve had nonsense scheduling like this too.

on my friend’s online save I was being left out of weekend fixtures for no reason during September- November then had games every 3-4 from mid December to early February.

really messed up my form had an injury crisis to my fullbacks as well

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On 04/01/2021 at 14:07, Kyle Brown said:

What's the reason for having 8 games in hand? Could you attach a save file so we could have a look, please?

I'm sorry, I'm already past this season. Is uploading a save from the next year helpful?


it's the third season and has to do with the WC-break mid season. It seems all my games were postponed becasue they didn't fit.

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