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Gavilán Hipotético

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I don't know if this corresponds to this forum, so feel free to move it. 

Also, I checked the FAQ and guides and nothing helped me. 

I have two problems:


1. My game starts with 100% zoom no matter what. 

Before, it didn't save preferences no matter what. Now, only that keeps unsaved. 

I know the drill about deleting preferences and cache. It didn't work with this version. 

I've checked the XML zoom file and it says 0,85 which is my chosen zoom.

I am in windowed mode (got properties changed on Steam) and in an old acer (2014) no graphic cards. This is the first time I have this problem since 2012, when I started to play FM. 

2. Panels in home page change constantly. I've tried saving and quitting, etc, etc. I've marked and unmarked "Override custom panels". Nothing works. First time problem too. 

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  • SI Staff

Hi @Gavilán Hipotético, with point 2 and the home panels, do you mind uploading your save? I'm wondering if something funky has happened in your save here. I'm unable to reproduce this, when Override Custom Panels is unchecked then the panels are remaining as selected and the same when Continuing. Is this reverting instantly, or is it after a while?


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hey @Gavilán Hipotético just regarding your point 1)

In the game we have 85% as a zoom option now, so in preferences under Advanced > Size of Text and Images you should be able to set 85% there

Now, if the ui_zoom.xml is playing up, you can delete it - this is what happens when you clear cache & preferences anyway so is safe to do - choosing 85% (or whatever) in-game and pressing Confirm will create the ui_zoom file completely anew

Might be worth you toggling between window and fullscreen to see if more options open up, the easiest way to do this is pressing left Alt & Enter together on your keyboard

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Sorry for the late reply. 

1. Solved. Panels started to be kept as saved after I quit saved the game once or twice, not sure. 

2. I don't know if I didn't understand you or you didn't understand me, English is not my native language, so, sorry for any confusion. 

I set the zoom to 85%. The file says 0,85. However, the game starts in 100% always. This means if I change settings or even the text in the file, the game will reset to 100 anyways. 

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