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Yellow highlight on player's "default" position is often incorrect?

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Sorry if this has been asked before, English isn't my first language and I'm finding it hard to explain the problem, which in return is making it difficult to google if anyone else is experiencing it.

So the issue is when clicking on a player's profile, the little yellow highlight/tick is usually placed on a position that the player never played before and only has a an "accomplished" rating for. like in the picture below:



At first I thought maybe it was just a visual bug and the game highlights a random position when opening the player's profile, but it also happens to be the "best position" recommended to me by my coaches:



I also thought maybe this is the best position the game/coaches feel the player should play given his attributes, which I'm fine with. The issue for me is I'm getting the same problem when scouting players not in my team. I'm worried my scouts are assuming the best position for a player in a role he can't play, then comparing him to my players who are natural there, and giving him lower scouting rating (since he'll have a lower ability in that position, since he's only accomplished in it compared to my players)





I don't have the time to look at the attributes of the 100+ players my scouts suggest for me every month, so having a scout recommendation number helps me to choose who I should focus my time on. Instead of studying and sifting through 100+ report, I may decide to focus only on reports with a recommendation of 75 and above. but with this issue I might miss on some really good players because the came compares the scouted player on a position he's unfamiliar with compared to my players, and give them a lower rating that the deserve. At least, that's what I'm afraid is happening.

So I can take it that for my players it's suggesting the best theoretical position for them giving their stats, but shouldn't my scouts judge players on their best played position? at least when it comes to comparing them to my players and giving a recommendation on whether I should sign them or not.



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