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Player is "somewhat interested in renewing [contract]" but refuses to negotiate and leaves on a free

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Playing in the National League South, a key player of mine is approaching the final six months of his contract. I look to renew his contract - mainly just to see what sort of figures he'd be requesting - only to find a new piece of feedback on the contract negotiation screen that I'd never seen before.

Now firstly, on this feedback, it feels strange that a player would be 'somewhat interested in renewing' but doesn't want to discuss as it'd 'be on inferior terms'. How does he know? I know we're semi-pro but is he helping out the Finance Director to earn some pocket money to know what the budgets are looking like? For what it's worth, there was enough of a wage budget to double his wages if we decided to. But as I wasn't interested in actually renewing until closer to the end of the season I just merrily kicked the can down the road thinking that it was future me's problem.

But future me became present me quicker than I anticipated. The player is Northern Irish and once he entered the final six months of his contract, Northern Irish clubs came knocking for pre-contract agreements. If you think that at least he'd then see what I offer him so he had every option on the table, you'd be mistaken. I got the same feedback. He was still 'somewhat interested' but had a better grasp of club finances and intentions than myself, clearly. 

I don't really need to tell you what happened next...


Screenshot 2020-12-28 at 18.54.14.png

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  • SI Staff

Hi Albanie, 

Thanks for the feedback. I agree this scenario doesn't look to be working correctly. If you still have a save game where this issue can be seen would you be able to upload the save game to our cloud service and we will take a look at what could be causing the issue. Details on how to upload can be found below. 



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Hi, I have the same issue with 3 - 4 of my players.  For this player I also got the message that the player was unsettled due to wanting a new contract.  Even after the chat, I get the same message.  I've uploaded a save just prior to the unsettled message - Cow.fm



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