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European Super League -Club Continental Rule Bug?


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I am wondering if someone can help me on this pls? I've been using the same way to create European Super League since FM2012.

But somehow in FM2021, the promoted teams cannot enter into next stage? this never happened before in previous versions? so I double checked again, didnt find anything wrong here? so can somebody help pls? any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!


so this is the promotion group stage:



and this is the seeding ranking screen, 4 qualified teams from Promotional group should join 12 teams (seeding value: 2) to play phase one group stage, 





So in the game, promotional stage is okay:



But phase 1 stage is wrong, NOT showing any seeding value2 teams, like Man city, PSG, Arsenal, Inter, Porto, and etc.



and samething happaned on gourp 2 stage ?

thank you advance!



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