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Question regarding new Nationality and Awaiting Paperwork

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Core question, then some details below. Does a player need to continue to reside in a country while "Awaiting Paperwork" in order to get the new passport?

Specifically, I am managing Vaduz and Liechtenstein, and trying to convert players to play for the country. I have a group of player who will hit the passport date on 2024/06/28, the FIFA eligibility date on 2024/06/29, and currently have contract expiring on 2024/06/30 (just over 1 year from now). I intend to let the contracts expire, unless I need to extend to guarantee the passport.

Any insight greatly appreciated.


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Bear in mind also that just because a player is eligible to apply for another nationality, it does not automatically mean that he will wish to do so.  Also some countries do not allow dual nationalities so that would need to be checked as well.  They will definitely need to be under contract while their nationality is being reviewed.

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