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Cursor Slightly Off on Screen

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Hi folks,

Just installed and finding that the bottom of the screen isn't showing properly (see attached pic)... Also the mouse/cursor isn't placing on the buttons correctly. You have to click about a cm above the button to work...

This doesn't seem to be an issue at the top of the screen but worsens the further down the screen you go?

Any suggestions?

Screenshot (16).png

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Hey @brichards8412 is this still an issue for you? Worth noting FM goes off your operating system's settings, so I'd first check the display resolution is comfortable for oyu

I think clearing your cache & preferences folders might do the trick, see this guide for how: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015206497-The-screen-appears-unusual-when-starting-the-game-and-or-I-m-unable-to-click-any-buttons-within-the-game#text

If none of this does the trick though you can get some direct technical support by creating a Support Ticket.

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