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Moving of items - Player Personal Details Panel.


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How do I go about moving stuff along the Player Personal Details Panel? There is a lot of empty space up there (please ignore the fact that I haven't got the club logo to show yet) and I would like to try and add the logos for club trained at and nation trained in.

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Just wanted to ask the same question and thought I'd search first.


I'd like to move the attributes hexagon to bottom left on the profile screen instead of form and have it set there for good. Why is it not offered in the dropdown menu? I know this won't be a one line fix but any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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OK while I can't get it to work for goalkeepers (their attributes are still shown for an outside player), this is what I came up with:



To replicate this, add the following to panels/player:

- player overview small selector panel; can be added to the last line before the </panel>

<widget class="person_attributes_analyser_panel" id="Pigo" file="player/player attribute analyser outfield" >
        <translation id="title" get_property="334971" type="use" value="Attributes" />

This enables the corresponding analyser panel to be selected. You also need the remaining xml files in the same folder. I've attached the zip with the edited files and the design of the hexagon which I had in one of the earlier FMs. Can't be bothered to look for a GK fix, if anyone finds it, please tag me or reply here.


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