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At the end of the 2024/25 season on my FM save, I left Huddersfield to join Spurs. Since then, I've noticed over the summer, Huddersfield failed to appoint a new manager to replace me. I check the job centre and it turns out it's not just them, but every club who have sacked their manager haven't either. For example, Pep Guardiola got sacked by Man City in May and they haven't appointed a manager. The season began with every club who sacked their manager following last season beginning this one managerless. And the problem is continuing midway through this season - Ingolstadt sacked their manager Mid-September and have still not appointed a new manager (currently November) - I Googled this issue but it turns out nobody else seems to have ever had the same problem, any help? Thanks

++ Even with "hide caretaker managers" left unticked, for some jobs including Man City and Huddersfield it doesn't even show who the caretaker manager is


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  • SI Staff

Thanks for the feedback. 

If you have a save game that shows this issue then please upload the save game to our cloud service and we will take a look. 

A similar issue has been logged in previous versions. The cause appeared to be due to a 3rd party file (tactics, skin, facepack), if the user removed these files then managers started to be appointed again. 



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did this get sorted out i have a similar issue on my game where one club have kept the caretaker as manager as a caretaker for nearly a year and another club haven't hired at all. both clubs in turkey which are playable and a couple of others. ill try and upload a save later.

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