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[FM21] Can I manage a journeyman save?

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End of season squad report

The only way I will still be here at the start of next season is if I can't find a job in Norway or potentially Denmark (although I'd prefer to go to Norway first). However, I would want to leave the club in the best shape possible. The squad we end the season with is decent, but probably understrength still for this level. 



Jonsson has been the mainstay of my team from the very start. In fact he's the only player retained from when I took over. He's been superb in goal this season. In terms of goalscoring, he's on 14 in 119 appearances, which isn't great. He's only ever scored 1 free kick and has missed roughly 50% of penalties in the last two seasons. I'm hoping for a better penalty scoring keeper to continue this part of my save with going forward. I would normally have played Kanu as he has great potential, but the rules around Swedish players scuppered me. If I was staying he'd probably go out on loan, or I'd shake up the non-swedes and start him every game and see how good he could get.




Irritatingly, Haugen, our backup RB who ended up playing mostly towards the end of the season when Kojic was injured, was released 3 days before our final game due to the end of his contract. Not sure that helped our final performance. Lindblad is going at the end of his contract. Leinonen plays in midfield, but did cover in DC for 2 games due to injuries. Bjork is still the best performer. Rhose I have signed to a new loan deal as he costs nothing and is very versatile. He played at LB, DM, CM and AML this year. He is still team leader, so I figured better to have him in the squad for a new manager even if he then chooses to not play him. 



Ignore Bellman and Mikkelsen, who are wingers primarily. Jagne, Leinonen and Hammar played 90% of games together unless injured. Gunnarsson was my go-to back-up player and is okay. The drop off in quality is quite severe though. A second string of Gunnarsson, Nwosu and Zlotnik was only used once or twice and lacked any sort of quality. I think Zlotnik and Nwosu will leave. If I can find someone swedish on a free to bring in before I leave I will do just to give the team a better chance at staying up next year. Nwosu trained in Sweden so any replacement will really need to be Swedish. 

Borhalsson is coming back from his loan, but again isn't fantastic, and is foreign.

Hammar was pretty good all season, although 3 of his 4 goals came in one game against Hammarby. I like Jagne because he's really quite tall and imposing on the 3D pitch!



This is probably where the biggest issues with non-swedes is! Bellman was signed to fix that, but ended up injured a lot. I have hopes for him. Hardarson is the star of the show, and potentially someone I'd look to take with me when I move. Yanagi made a good impact, while Mikkelsen had a role to play towards the end of the season with some important goals.

McGiff and Fermina were just pretty average. If I could shift them easily I would. Perhaps leaving McGiff due to his potential and getting rid of Fermina as a minimum would work. We could bring back Mansson, who scored 7 in 13 in the Swedish First Division Elite while on loan, although I'm not convinced he's ready for this level.

Dongda He played okay. Again though, is he worth a non-swede spot in the team. Including those on loan we have 12 non swedes. We can only have a maximum of 10 in the match day squad. The two worst ones are Fermina followed by your pick of Mikkelsen (limited ability, but has made impact), McGiff (more ability, no impact) and Borhalsson (has been on loan). Haugen also left, so we did at one point have 13. You can see why when the Swedish players were injured I struggled slightly. 

Just to finish this post, the awards for the season came in. Jonsson was very good so I think he deserves that just ahead of Hardarson, who may have won it in a more consistent team. His 18 goals is one short of Mansson who got 19 league goals back in my first full season in charge.


In the next post I'll look at manager and club progress, before detailing my thoughts on the save so far as I look to my next adventure.

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End of season club report

There were many positives about our promotion last season and subsequently us avoiding relegation. We've been able to improve facilities and have a positive bank balance. It's been an absolute slog to get the board to agree to youth coaching and recruitment improvement as they always respond with 'use the transfer market' or that our facilities are in line with our reputation. I'm pleased that we've managed to improve these areas, although the clubs facilities are still not great.




If you take a look at the reputation of the club, we're still ranked below all but four of the team from the division belous. If I were doing a long term save here, this would be our biggest challenge in asserting ourselves in the Swedish Premier Division as we're unlikely to pick up the sort of talent we need to easily.


I think Karlstad are likely to drop down to the First Division Elite once I leave, however, considering their history even if they become established in the First Division Elite it's progress for the club. Although reformed in 2020, the history from prior to this is from Karlstad BK. 


Country League Cup competition Europe Finances Status Youth facilities Training facilities Youth recruitment Junior coaching Top scorer Top assists Best Average rating
Sweden Swedish First Division North - 4th Swedish Cup - First round N/a -£150,000.00 Semi_pro Basic Below average Basic Fairly basic Pontus Palmer (11) Lovette Felicia and Lukas Rhose (5) Pontus Palmer 7.29 - 15 games
Sweden Swedish First Division North - 1st  Swedish Cup - Group stage N/a £18,000.00 Semi_pro Basic Below average Basic Fairly basic Kasper Mansson (19) Adam Bark (10) Kasper Mansson 7.20 - 30 games
Sweden Swedish First Division Elite - 1st Swedish Cup - Second round N/a £135,000.00 Professional Basic Below average Basic Average Kasper Mansson (7) Mads Mikkelsen (7) Adam Bjork 7.06 - 29 games
Sweden Swedish Premier Division - 11th Swedish Cup - Group stage TBC N/a £946,000.00 Professional Basic Adequate Fairly Basic Adequate Hinrik Hardarson (18) Fredrik Hammar (6) Oscar Jonsson 7.16 - 29 games



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End of season 2024 manager progress

This is how I currently look as a manager. My big concern with moving on now is whether my reputation is enough to get me a job with a team better than Karlstad. I'm always going to have low media handling as I can't be bothered with press conferences, so I'm not fussed about that. However, I'd hope moving country will help to improve my adaptability. It's the only real stat, apart from working with youngsters that I'm worried about. Does anyone know how you improve working with youngsters by the way? As you can see from 'known for' I do sign lots of younger players.



I had a job offer as soon as the season ended, from Degerfors, who just finished 4th in the Swedish First Division Elite. Not really very appealing. 


Odd had a job available in the top flight in Norway. Very interesting!


Shame. I haven't resigned yet, as I just want to see what becomes available and might play the group stage of the cup if nothing does (just to complete the season really, although if I qualify I'll then have another conundrum as the final is in mid-2025 season).


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November - December (job hunting)

I bought in one player for Karlstad, Gunnarsson, who will add depth to the defence. 


I also applied to a couple more jobs.




Malmo is the better job. They have European football, a great squad and great facilities. However, I'm not sure I want it as I don't think I want to stay in Sweden and play against Karlstad. Tromso are in the second tier of Norway, and their caretaker manager will probably keep the job if they win in the promotion play-off. Let's see what happens with that one. I know there are a few currently playing as Tromso on here and they intrigue me. I like the idea of managing north of the Arctic Circle.


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Job News

I decided to resign as manager of Karlstad having signed Gunnarsson and also gotten rid of a few high earners (who the AI would probably keep despite them being nowhere near good enough). 



I've now got interviews at Malmo and Tromso. Birmingham offered me one, but I'm changing the English leagues to view-only at the end of the season (not sure why they're still playable to be honest!)



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I've been hired! 



As I previously said, I've read a few posts on here by others playing as Tromso, and they seem fun. They're also north of the Arctic Circle, which provides an added layer of intrigue. Additionally, they're somewhat of a sleeping giant. They've got £1 million in the bank and some very good young players.


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Squad and club overview Tromso January 2025



I'm showing every player in the team (there are a number of squads with Tromso, and Tromso 2 play two leagues below which could be useful for youth development.

Snorre stands out here, but is wanted and is worth £575k, so we will see if he stays. Tjore is a newgen and looks a real prospect. Some work to do, but I'm going to try and give him game time to develop him.


Defensive options


Wow, we have loads of players! Unfortunately, our highest potential player Moen is leaving on a free. Shocking management! Sinyan will probably start as a CB, although he can play DM and CM. Nyhagen is best at LB, while Race plays RB. Aroccha is very slow (8 pace and acceleration) so I may favour Waage or Kirkegaard. Neither are particularly quick, but have more room to develop. Most of the others will be sold if I can get rid.

Midfield options

I'm tempted by a 4-2-4 here, so we're looking for two CMs.


Robertsen is the star of the squad really, and is considering if he should move to a better team. I'll hope to convince him not to! If Sinyan plays at CB, then Djalo will probably start as a BWM. Otterstad will be backup this season as we look to make the most from that potential. Many others won't make the grade. Kurtovic can play ML or CM, so I may keep him around unless we improve this position enough to sell him. 

AMR/AML and ST options


Harkin is on loan from Wolves. He's got 16 pace and 17 acceleration, so I'll probably use him next season as we don't have any youth prospects or decent players at all for that role. We will need another two strikers if we are to play 4-2-4. 

Hartviksen is a very pacy right winger newgen. He will start at AMR. Amon will probably start AML although he isn't a winger and can't cross. I may keep him around in case 4-4-2 doesn't work, but will look for a new AML winger. Asheim and Johansson are both right footed, so not really suited to AML unless we play with an inverted winger here (although it would probably lead to overloading). Tollan and Setter will go into the B team to see if they can improve. Otherwise a few to let go!

Overall squad thoughts

The reason I took this job is that Tromso have some very good players for this level, (by contrast Hardarson my best player at Karlstad with 4 stars rates only 3 in my scout reports) and most of them are home-grown with potential for growth. I'm pretty happy with the squad IF I can ship out some of the excess and use the B team as youth preparation. 

Club overview


I was also attracted here by the good facilities and youth recruitment. A step up from Karlstad. I have given myself 3 full seasons in the outset of this save, but if I enjoy it here I may extend my stay.


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Pre-season update

I've found this pre season pretty difficult. Trying to add quality to this team is hard; the best players are significantly better than what can be attracted at this level generally speaking. In addition, many of my players couldn't resist the lure of higher leagues, meaning I lost a few I'd rather not have.



I wanted to play two upfront with one DLF and this guy serves that role nicely. The first player my scouts recommended, signed on a free. I'm hoping he will improve rapidly.


In the end this guy will likely be backup on the right or left, due to some transfers out. He arrives for £6.5k as he was transfer listed.

This was mainly necessary because Johannson threw a wobbly and wanted to leave. The whole squad became unhappy so i let him go. £200k is good for a player in the last year of his contract, but I could have done without the squad being so unsettled.

The next guy is my backup striker. Johansson also filled that role so his loss is actually quite a big one.


His technicals are poor, but he came cheap and I needed a Norwegian to fill the role due to registration rules.

Lastly I brought in two more loans. I could sign both of these players but their wage demands were too high for me currently. Stone is a natural AML winger, while Brooking is likely to play at RB.



Significant outgoings




Thats my first choice RB, AML and backup AMR gone, two on deadline day! I couldn't really turn the money down as this may prevent us having to sell our brightest talent, however it's going to mean a reliance on youth I didn't plan.

However, looking at our title odds, I think we should still be fine!


I've never seen promotion odds that high!



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Squad for 2025 season


This remains the same.


Defender wise, Waage or Brooking will play RB, Sheriff and Kirkegaard will play CB and Nyhagen will start as LB. Versatility is the big plus for me here, with most players capable of playing multiple positions. 




In midfield, Sodlund arrived on a free from the previous manager and is a good solid backup to my CML role of BBM. Otterstad will probably start as CMR but either Vegsund or Djalo can play there.




The wingers I've mainly discussed, but Kurtovic I kept in the end as backup.


I'm light upfront, but I just couldn't find any other backup that didn't break foreign player rules.




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April 2025 - Season 1 with Tromso IL



I'm really pleased with how we've started the season. Lots of goals and lots of wins. 

Having waited almost 3 years for my last GK Jonsson to score a free-kick, Snorre only goes and scores one in the first game! Two penalties this month takes him to 3 goals in 4 games! Young Ylvisaker scored a hatrick in the cup and then against Honefoss - his finishing of 7 really not holding him back much! Stone has also been brilliant at AML. 


I've gone with a 4-2-4 as you can see, with the option of 4-4-2 when I'm winning or don't want to concede.


This was also a nice financial bonus, we're predicted to end on -£1 million, so any extra cash we can get in is great.


Finally, I forgot about the youth intake. I only signed a few (and two have since been taken on free transfers despite being awful). Johnsgard will likely be promoted next season as cup GK and Tromso 2 first GK.



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The loss in the cup against Viking was hard to take. We were much better and should have won it really, but missed a penalty and a hatful of chances before going down in extra time. Slightly annoying as the prize money for the Norwegian Cup is pretty good, and would have racked up if we'd have made it into the later stages.


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I've made some real errors when renewing contract and signing players. Many now seem to think I should be sending them on loan, while I didn't bring in another Brazilian for Luis to feel more at home with. The result is a number of very unhappy players. I can't see the broken promises anymore, but here's an example. Ylvisaker has played most games this season, surely there should be a way for me to say, "good news buddy, you're now in the first team so don't need a loan after all!"? Luis and Vegsund have both requested to leave :(


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May 2025



Overall, a good month. Brooking was sent off in our loss at home to Ranheim, who along with Egersund I think will end up being our closest challengers. After that we conceded an 89th minute goal to lose the game. Since then we've been steady, if not spectacular. However, with an extremely young team I'm happy with that.

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June 2025





Some great performances in June take us to 8 unbeaten. Our loanee striker Lee Harkin has been smashing them in this month, and now leads the way on goals scored. I show the possession lost stat as I've been trying out a long throw strategy. Nyhagen has given the ball away loads, but he's also top of key passes and that's as a result of 7 goals coming from throw ins this season. He also takes corners and we've scored a number from knock downs. I'm experimenting with my set pieces more as it's an area I've neglected over the last few saves.


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Key players end of June

As we approach half way through the season, I thought I'd report on a few key players who are emerging.

Firstly, Luis. He's just decided he's happy to stay at the club, but he's still unhappy! He's been a lot better than the stats suggest, he often links everything together. I'm going to get him training some PPMs shortly.


Hartviksen has been really good. He breezes past players at this level. His jumping is very useful, it's just a shame he can't head or finish!


Kirkegaard may be my favourite player. He's improved by a whole star since the start of the season and hasn't let us down yet. He's been playing at CB so could really do with improving his tackling and marking at the very least to continue playing if (when) we get promoted. 


Robertson is very talented, but I'm not sure I'm getting the best out of him. Regardless, he's a cut above what most teams have at this level.


Harkin is waaay too good for this level. That's all that needs saying really!


I only show Nyhagen to show his rating and assists. It's those 67 key passes that are getting him such good ratings I think. I think if I get promoted, I may look to buy another LB with a better long throw to take over from this guy. 


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July update

We picked up quite a few injuries this month. These were the biggest, but it's made things harder as the squad is pretty small.




However, we still managed a faultless July! We're 15 points clear at the top. I really can't see anything other than promotion. The formation has really worked for us, and other than altering corner routines (as they're not working as well as throws) I've not had to do anything at all since about game 5! The transfer window is open now, so I'm hoping we don't lose any important players. Luis, Robertson and Hartviksen would be hard to replace at this level.





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August 2025 transfer window

The transfer window opened (I thought it was already open if I'm honest!) and two players joined from deals we've made earlier on.


Madsen immediately becomes our best midfielder. I've bought him potentially to replace Robertson if he moves on (lots of interest in him) but also because he was too good to pass on. Njoten joins Otterstad and Vegsund as high potential young midfielders. 


The bids have started coming in for Luis.



I rejected these, but I ended up regretting it slightly as I really wanted a loan back in any deal. I ended up missing out, but to be honest this deal is hugely lucrative for the club. the £3.9 million includes two payments over the next two years of £1million at a time, which is brilliant for our bank balance. I'm sure he'll play 20 games and I'm also confident he'll be sold at some point as he's already worth £3.6million at Ajax. However, I now have only one striker I own at the club!



The good news was I could bump my wage budget, which allowed me to move for this guy on another free.


Again, a huge step up on existing players. We also secured another CB, Nicolaisen, to come in at the end of the season, and with this in mind, sanctioned a deal to sell the very reliable Sinyan, who by next season would be sold anyway.



As Luis went out the day before deadline day, we had very limited time and options to reinforce to front two. Finnbogason comes in on loan just until the end of the season. I just need someone in case of injuries to be honest! I'm very aware we have a number of loans now and we are going to need to drastically improve our strike force come the end of the season.





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August 2025 League update

With all that excitement I nearly forgot to post anything regarding the league! It's fair to say we've done quite well recently!





Two more wins and we'll be guaranteed the title. One more and we win promotion. The good news is that even if we collapse now Luis has gone (he was up to 8 league goals when he left so had improved quite a bit) it's unlikely to matter. However, I do like to collect records so hopefully we can keep this up!

Other good news:


Good. You're the only striker I actually own now.


I actually forgot he was unhappy as he didn't kick up a fuss like Luis did.

Bad news though:


This is a bit annoying. Nyhagen is almost into double figures for assists, and I think we've scored nearly 10 goals either directly from his throws or indirectly as a result of a long throw into the area. I will keep him next year, but if I can find a replacement long throw specialist who adds to the squad I will.

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September 2025 Update



Despite a pretty poor draw in our first game of September, we secured promotion. We then secured the league title in the next game.


At this point, we were 20 unbeaten in the league.


We rounded off the rest of the month with two further victories. We're now in with a chance of securing the record points, wins and goals for the Norwegian First Division. We are coping without Luis upfront, but it's noticeable how many more of our goals are coming from midfield. We're definitely missing his linkup play.



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Other September 2025 news

A number of other notable things happened in September. 



This is great for the future of the club. I know it doesn't always have an immediate impact on youth intake, but I'm hoping for a good one at the end of the season. 




I've also secured two key players to long contract with no yearly or promotion related bonuses. Really pleased with this as both players wanted to leave at various points this season. Harkin I 'ummed and aahed' about. I don't really want to rely on loan players, but he's been brilliant and I'm really enjoying playing with him. Therefore I'll keep him, but try not to loan any other players for next season. Reading want to keep AML Stone so I'm unlikely to be able to retain him either temporarily or permanently.

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I realise I didn't do a post of overall transfers from the window.


I'll do one post for October and November, as  there are only two games in each month.

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October and November 2025 update

A number of my Norwegians have been called up for international duty now. I'm hoping this number grows throughout my time here.


While the second string is mainly players who are leaving at the end of the season once their contracts are up, they've done well to win promotion to the Norwegian Second Division. This will be a good thing for development of my younger players I feel. I did make a few of our regular subs available for the second string once I realised we were close to winning to league.


Our youth intake preview also came through in November. It's probably fair to say I'm not very impressed with this. :lol:


In the league we finished off well, although we have started to leak a few goals. I'm unsure what's changed here. Potentially we've just become a little complacent. I'll have to keep an eye on it next season though as the caliber of opposition will be significantly higher.


I will take a screenshot of the final league table once the playoffs have been decided. 

This is extremely irritating news:


We're going to have to rectify this as soon as possible, although finances aren't looking brilliant again. We will see how much sponsorship we bring in!

Once the playoffs have been finished, I'll do a full review of the season and look at where we need to improve going forward. For now, I'm just enjoying our record breaking season!

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2025 End of season review

Overall, a brilliant season. We secured the highest points total, number of wins, goals scored, games won in a row and games without defeats records. We haven't really broken a sweat this season if I'm honest. It'll be interesting if we can carry this form into next season.





Squad overview



In terms of goal scoring, Snorre got 3 in the first 4 and then never scored again! Tjore took over his role, but has missed 3 penalties out of 5. In goal he has been pretty good, and although his stats are worse than Snorre, he's young, home grown and has lots of potential. I won't be improving this area of the squad as we also have a 16 year old with 4 gold star potential, Johnsgard, who will either replace Snorre as backup during this season, or at the start of next season.



These guys did pretty well considering Waage and Kirkegaard were pretty weak links at the start of the season. Waage over performs at RB and does a job at LB and CB when needed. He kept Brooking out of the side for the second half of the season, and so we won't look to retain Brooking. Arocha will leave on a free. We will probably look to bring in a backup or extra RB. We already have a CB arriving on a free. Nyhagen got 15 assists from long throws, corners and free kicks. Even though he isn't brilliant, I will retain him for these reasons! New contracts were signed for the key defenders below as they would all be out of contract at the end of next season otherwise.








Some excellent stats from the midfield. CM's Njoten and Vegsund picked up a few appearances, Vegsund spending the second half of the season on loan as well to pick up more games once Madsen came in. Vegsund shows no signs of ending his unhappiness that I didn't initially loan him out. I will be very annoyed if I lose a player of his potential due to this! 

While those guys gained experience, Robertson and Otterstad were the main combination until Madsen arrived and had a great final 12 games, scoring 4 goals. It's likely I'll sell Sodlund who is blocking the development of the younger midfielders. Otherwise I'm tempted to stick with Robertson and Madsen starting and Otterstad as the main understudy. Njoten certainly played better than Otterstad, but he isn't helped by key tackles not being registered (still!) which affects ratings of players like him who are overly aggressive! 

On the wings, Stone and Hartivksen were phenomenal. Bengtsson did okay as a backup, but he's a natural IW and I'm not using that with Tromso. I think he may leave if I can find better options to free up a foreign player space. Asheim isn't great and is also a natural IW, but did have two brilliant games at AMR as a winger so maybe I can keep utilising him and see if he develops. Sadly I don't think Stone will stay, Reading want to play him :(







Harkin is the standout player. Top scorer in the league with 24 goals. Wolves want £22 million for him, so no way is he playing beyond his loan, but while they're willing to loan him to me for free I will keep doing that. Ylvisaker isn't bad considering his woeful stats. 12 goals across all competitions isn't bad for third choice, which he was until Luis left. As you can see, Luis's creativity is going to be missed. Finnbogasson was purely to keep the numbers up for the last 8 games of the season! 





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End of season review part 2


In terms of saves progression, I've moved countries and teams for the first time since about FM08. So that's a plus and meets my original aim to have a save where I don't stay with one team. I've stuck to just using scout recommendations rather than using the player search feature, although I've utilised the shortlist page. I said I wouldn't stay at any team longer than three full seasons, giving me two left with Tromso. I think I'd like to win the Eliteserien before any movement, as I'd like any future team to be playing in Europe. Depending how long this takes, I may need to extend my stay here. In terms of goal scoring keepers, I'm not doing great. Oscar Jonsson was poor, and I had high hopes for Snorre, but wanted to bring through Tjore. I may have to think how I can increase this effort further going forward. 


The clubs facilities have improved in terms of youth development as you can see. Despite a poor preview, the intake was actually okay. Garbutt and Lange seem to stand out options, but I will review them in a years time to see if they look like they may be useful to the first team squad. 




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Pre-season and transfers 2026

So we move in to the close season and pre-season, the long cold Arctic winter trying to convince players to come and play in the dark. Luckily, FM doesn't replicate these challenges. We were able to sign a number of Danish players who didn't seem bothered by our geographical location.

Transfers in:

Munksgaard comes in for one of our 9 foreign player slots. He's proficient across the back four, physically pretty solid and most importantly, a good long thrower. I shall start him training the bullet throw immediately when pre-season resumes!


Nicolaisen is another defender who we approached for a contract in the middle of last season. His arrival means we have three good centre backs, with other options too.


Next up, another Brazilian! Marlon unfortunately plays as an inverted winger, but I'm thinking I may utilise him as a striker. Watch this space. 


Fedel Ross-Lang comes in as a AML to replace Stone. He's got excellent crossing and dribbling ability so I'm hoping this will be an effective replacement of one of our biggest threats last season.


And then on deadline day, we bought in this guy. Joel comes to us to fill either the backup AMR role, or to play upfront. 


Unfortunately, the domestic market was nigh on impossible this winter. I can't compete and don't have the money (our finances are already negative again after a few months) to buy good, young or old Norwegians and there weren't many available on free transfers. With the acquisition of Joel above we had 9 foreigners, so I've had to shift Bergtsson to the reserves after he failed to agree a move on deadline day. However, I now believe I have just enough cover of most positions. I'd really like a striker to replace Harkin, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Replacing my DLF Luis has been difficult, and I now have mainly unorthodox players playing in that role. Neither Marlon, Joel or Ylvisaker are really DLF material. We'll just have to make-do!

Transfers out:

As I alluded to, I didn't really feel the need for Sodlund, but he was worth £325k and I managed to get that for him, which is excellent seeing as our finances seem to drain rapidly each month! Bergtsson will follow soon I imagine.


Squad for the season:


+ Joel (screenshot taken just before deadline day)


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March 2026



After a long pre-season, we've started pretty well in the league. We threw away a 2-0 lead against Valerenga. Their first was a bad penalty call, and their second was a worldie, so I'm not too upset.

Hartviksen has 2 MOTM awards, while Marlon and Ross-Lang opened their accounts. The only bad news was Harkin getting injured for 2 months. That triggered the signing of Joel Lappalainen-Uusitalo (I don't want to be typing that out too many times!) who I've included in the pre-season post above.


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April 2026 Update

A really interesting month. We started brilliantly, and then our defensive frailties were exposed brutally for a short period. I think I managed to turn that around in the cup game against Kongsvinger, but we won't know until our next league game. 



Considering we're newly promoted, I shouldn't be disappointed, but I am after the start which saw us top of the league after 3 games. The cup game was a new landmark for me, as for the first time on any version of the game, I had 6 goals from one player in a game. Lappalainen-Uusitalo has been brilliant as Harkin was out injured for the first month, and he stepped up and scored a few goals in the league as well as this display in the cup. 


However, the issues in defence became apparent in this game against fellow promoted side Ranheim. We took the lead, dominated and conceded 4 times. They were clinical, but it matched the Molde game where we were picked apart far too easily. 


The Molde game saw us lose our domestic unbeaten streak. 


We also lost to our rival Bodo/Glimt and we've drawn them in round three of the cup, so we'll get a chance to exact revenge on them. This was the start of a slight tweak of our system that I'm hoping will be more sturdy. No longer do the fullbacks bomb forward as much, and we've gone for a DLP instead of a BBM, so that at least one of the midfield holds position. I've also adjusted the corner routines as we were conceding way too much from counter attacks after losing the ball due to me being careless about set up previously. 


In terms of performance so far. Hartviksen has once again excelled, with 4 MOTM awards this season. Nyhagen and Munksgaard are both on long throw duty which is working a treat again. I've switched Madsen to CB - not only is he seemingly more composed, he has 16 jumping and scored twice in the cup game against Kongsvinger. I'm hoping we can build from here in the league as well and will see how far we can go in the cup. Finances are already worryingly heading down past -£1million. The next installment from the Luis sale comes in in August (£1 million), but we're going to need to sell players, or qualify for Europe if we want to breakeven this season!


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May 2026 Update


I got my next coaching badge this month, again boosting my stats:



This was a very successful month. We played 4 of the top 6 teams in the month and took 8 points from them, plus smashed Sarpsborg. One thing I've changed, is moving Marlon out the the AML position, which he has enjoyed much more. He has scored a couple of mesmerising goals, including a dribble from his own box that won goal of the week. It's funny that playing players in their desired positions helps them! :lol:



We end the month second, which is beyond our initial hopes for the season, but after our first three games I did think we could perhaps challenge at the top of end of the table. Obviously a long way to go, but the shift to DLP role in CML has worked really well.


The only slight dampener on things is that Lappalainen-Uusitalo is out for 4 weeks. His work as a DLF has been very good, so we may miss him. Luckily there aren't many games in June and July!


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June 2026 Update

I forgot to mention, I accepted a contract extension.


This would take me to 4 years at the club.

Only two games originally schuduled this month, with one in the league and one in the cup. We're scoring goals for fun in the league!


We played the reserves against Sandnes in the cup, and snuck through 1-0. We then faced Valerenga later in June.


We came from behind to win, with 16 year old Lange getting a debut assist from RB for the winning goal. We're into the Semi Final against Sarpsborg - a very winnable tie! The prize money should come in handy!



Speaking of money, this is interesting.


We're due 40% of any profit, which would net us around £1.5million, but I'm sure he should be going for more than this! He's also only 14 games away from another £1.5 million installment.


Ah well. This isn't to be sniffed at really. It takes our finances to £-1million, but with cup prize money and ticket sales to come, plus a £1 million installment for Luis still due in August, we should be in the black by the end of the season. 

I took this opportunity to assess our transfer clauses, and also sold this. 


Amon is worth £850k, and may sell for the £1.1 million+ figure it would take to beat this clause, but he may not. It's another top up for us!

The leagues remains mostly unchanged.


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July 2026 update

Luis's value is now £16 million, so I suspect Ajax really should have held out for more! I can only hope Ajax inserted a sell on clause and he goes for more next time, earning us a little more from a future sale. 

I also sanctioned the sale of one of our bright prospects. This might seem bonkers, but he's been unhappy now for 12 months+ regarding my failure to get him a loan. His contract is up in December and if he's leaving on a free, I want him to go to a good standard of team and I want to be able to buy him back. I see this as an extended loan period essentially.


We've also sealed a contract for this guy. A young Norwegian (plus points) who can also play DLP(s) which is a role I'm now using (bonus plus points). I like the look of him. I've avoided the 'loan me out' promise this time! He'll join at the end of his current contract.


July saw two league games. We won them both.


We absolutely tore apart Valerenga. That's twice in 3 weeks we've beaten them having knocked them out of the cup, but this was much more resounding. Even better, I noticed who manages them. Sorry Ole!


We're now 8 unbeaten, winning 6 of those. We've closed the gap at the top to just a point and our goal difference is now superior. However, it's very tight down to 4th place. It's going to be an interesting rest of the season! I'm getting excited now, having visions of winning the league directly after promotion. In reality we probably won't make it, but if we secure a European spot for next season it will make a significant difference to attracting players and keeping our best. There may be some movement in August as we've already rejected a few bids for key players.


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August 2026 update

Two new signings join straight away. Kruse will replace Snorre in the squad as we will promote young goalkeeper Johnsgard. He's not quite there yet, but I'm hoping we can give him a few games this season to start to blood him. Lundberg will go into the second side to continue his development with a view to him joining our first team next year.



August proves a difficult month. After great results against good teams, three draws against mid and lower table sides is disappointing. There was a real mix here. Against Aalesund we should have won, missing a host of chances. However, Fredrikstad outplayed us and should have been well away at half time. We came back from 2-0 down before sneaking past Molde making it twelve unbeaten in the league. We've responded extremely well since the three losses on the bounce back in April. The change to a DLP(s) instead of a BBM has added much needed solidity and we still seem to score goals for fun, most of the time.



Transfer deadline day

I had no plans to do further business, but had rejected an offer from the UAE for Madsen, who has been superb at CB since I moved him back. I agreed he could go if we got £2.5 million, but no further offers came for him. He's out of contract next year so hopefully he drops the demand to leave now the interest in him has waned, otherwise I'll sell him at the end of the season.

Two interesting offers did come in however. Neither player wanted a move, but the values of these transfers shows how far these players have developed. The one I was more tempted by was Kirkegaard, because despite him being one of my favourite players so far at Tromso, his technicals are awful and he lacks speed, which my slightly higher line demands. For now though I will hold off. There is interest in Rasmussen from China and I feel at 29 and as a foreign player, I'd be better off sanctioning his sale if money is needed (which it still is!)



Unsurprisingly, the board are pretty happy with me!



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September 2026 update

At the start of September, this is how the table looks. I'd be delighted with 3rd place, and we've got a good run of games followed by the cup semi-final.



This month saw much more of our usual swagger and goal scoring self, with the exception of Ranheim. I think I'm yet to beat them with Tromso and they've become something of a bogey team for us. Two changes this month, with Kruse now fit (I didn't realise he was injured when he signed) and playing at BWM (D) in our CMR slot, I feel the team is a lot better at winning the ball back. His added pace and aggression means he gets to the player and breaks up play much more effectively than Njoten had been. We tore apart Sarpsborg in the cup to make our first final, and my first final of the save in its entirety. Tromso haven't won the cup since 2005 so it's a chance to end a long gap at the end of the season. We will face Odd, who we will also face on the final day of the season. 

In the league we've lost ground on the top 2 with our draw, but if we win our game in hand we would move 7 points clear of Kristiansund in 4th. That would be a major advantage with 7 games to go. 


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October 2026 update

October began with a bid from SIPG for Rasmussen. He's 29, hasn't always started and only has a year left on his deal. Plus we're -£1.5million again, and I'd like to be able to invest in the training facilities that were downgraded at the start of the year. I've accepted the offer.


We've also guaranteed survival, as did our second side. They were marooned at the bottom before I promoted a raft of U19s and that seems to have helped them out. Having the second side in the third tier is really important as it seems to fast track the development of my young players. Many have improved by a whole star this season alone. 



We also gave Lappalainen-Uusitalo (I can almost type it without checking spelling now!) a new deal as he would be entering the final year next year, and was one game away from earning more than on his new deal! I've been really pleased with how he's performed this season. He's managed to play the DLF role pretty well, and hasn't done bad when deputising for Harkin in the AF role. 


Back to the football. A big month for us saw us play three tough games. We won those and thrashed Sarpsborg, who must be sick of the sight of us after their cup semi-final loss as well. 


That run set things up very nicely for the last four games. We're pretty much assured of a place in Europe next season barring a catastrophic loss of form. We could even win the league!


However, two injuries at the start of November may write off our chances.


That's our 11 MOTM winger and our DLF out for the next two games I think. Our backup right winger is Asheim who isn't great, while Ylvisaker hasn't had the greatest season either.  I think both would be surplus to requirements if we had greater depth. I could shift Marlon up front, but he's scored 9 of his 11 goals from AML and I'm reluctant to reduce his effectiveness on the wing when they other wing is likely to be blunted.

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November 2026 update

The first two games of November were relatively uneventful. Despite our injuries, we won both. 


I did think we were set for a draw against Viking, but Marlon headed in an 88th minute winner to sneak us the game in what was otherwise a boring, but tense game.


Rosenborg won their two games, but Valerenga dropped points, taking us second. Two games to go, against Stromsgodset and Odd. However, the last game had shown our attack severely weakened by our injuries.


Stupidly, Harkin would also be on international duty for our game against Stromsgodset. Lappalainen Uusitalo might be fit enough for the bench perhaps.


We started poorly against Stromgodset and went 1-0 down after 23 minutes. We looked poor until half term, so I hooked Asheim and moved Ylvisaker to AMR and put Lappalainen Uusitalo on. He replied almost immediately with a wonder goal in the 52nd minute, dribbling from his own half. However, it looked like it wasn't to be, as we conceded in the 89th minute from a corner. What's this though, up the other end, 92nd minute and Marlon thrashes one in from close range! The next minute he's one-on-one with the keeper, but puts it wide! A 2-2 draw seems fair to be honest.


I thought this would be our title chances over. However, while Valerenga beat Stabaek away, Rosenborg were held at home by Sarpsborg!


We go into the final game knowing that if we better both Valerenga and Rosenborg's result, we win the league.

Rosenborg are up first, a day before the rest of the games.



Excellent! Our bogey team strike down Rosenborg. We just need to beat Valerenga's result.


Alas, we could only draw with Odd, while Valerenga thrashed their opponents. Match winner Marlon got sent off on the 12th minute, and despite taking the lead twice, we were pegged back to a 2-2 draw. Still 2nd place is huge in our first season in the Eliteserien! 


That'll do nicely! Next up, the cup final!


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Cup final November 2026



We've won it! A first piece of silverware for me and what a way to do it. We tore them apart! The prize money has meant, we should finish the season significantly into the black for the first time in a long time (once sponsorship and the sale of Rasmussen go through).


Next up I'll review the squad and the season.

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End of season 2026 update

I think it's fair to say I'm very pleased with this season. Second place and a cup win and a European adventure to come. I've been really pleased with how our tactics have worked out in the Eliteserien, albeit once we switched to a slightly more defensive version of the formation that saw us promoted in a record winning year in 2025.

Squad overview



Hoff Tjore took over from Snorre, who played a couple of cup games but otherwise sat on the bench all year. I did trial bringing in Johnsgard, who is only a couple of attribute points behind Hoff Tjore and with significant potential, but we looked dodgy at the back so I'll introduce him slowly next year. Hoff did a great job to be honest, and he's young with his own potential to improve. I'm satisfied with this department going forward.



The swap of Madsen from midfield to CB really helped us. I think it was just after our 3 losses in a row, and only defeats of the season, that we changed. Alongside him, Rasmussen and Kirkegaard have done well in rotation. Rasmussen is the better player, but as I've already explained I accepted a £3 million bid. I'll be looking to bring in another CB. At RB, Munksgaard has taken the starting role from Waage and he's also been taking throw ins which accounts for a large proportion of his 11 assists. Waage still has a role to play and will be retained. Nicolaisen ended the season starting ahead of Nyhagen, despite Nyhagen picking up 12 assists from corners, free kicks and throws. There was two months where Nicolaisen was on extended leave as he hadn't settled due to my inability to improve the midfield (I mean, I did try!). Therefore he was a latecomer to the party and it took a while for me to realise he is very solid at LB as well as CB. Otterstad is a midfielder mainly, but hasn't really developed this season. He's likely to go out on loan next season.



When it comes to the wings, two players stand out. Hartviksen wins player of the season for us and the league. He was outstanding throughout. Marlon wasn't far behind, although during the middle part of the season he was slightly anonymous. Ross-Lang and Asheim don't really come close to them in terms of their backup numbers. I'm strongly considering getting rid of both, especially Ross-Lang who takes up a foreign place. The only positive for him is he can play across both wings. 0 assists is pretty damning for a winger who started 11 games and played 18 more as a sub though!

In CM, I've spoken of the impact of Kruse. Robertson chipped in 8 assists this season, his best return yet (I think!). Njoten rounds off the midfield and had a pretty good season for a 17, turning 18 year old. I've got Hansen coming in here who will add one more option, while Madsen is also capable at CM.



Harkin takes all the plaudits again for a stellar season, and we've secured him on loan until the end of his contract with Wolves. I only realised about 5 minutes ago that Wolves are our parent club which is why I've been able to loan him for no wages and fees. I doubt we'll be able to afford him on a free transfer due to his wage demands being £6-12k according to his agent. We will need to look to secure another striker. Lappalainen-Uusitalo has also been brilliant. Yes, 9 of his goals were in the cup with 6 in one game, but 11 in the league as a DLF is better than Luis was achieving when Ajax bought him last season. The issue with all my strikers is their finishing. Harkin 13, L-U 10, Ylvisaker... 7:eek:. I don't quite know how I've ended up with strikers who can't finish scoring so many goals. Ylvisaker will move on or go on loan, he's not got anything going for him other than pace really. This is the area of the squad needing most improvement.

Profiles of my favourite players:




Other end of season news/ analysis



In terms of save progress, we've won our first trophy - yay! I should only give myself one more season, but I may extend that as I'm really enjoying this and that's what football manager is about after all! We're still relying on scout reports 95% of the time, although I am allowing player search to search through previous scout/ analysis reports. In terms of goalscoring keepers, we're still not doing brilliantly, but there's time for that to change! Hoff Tjore missed 3 penalties this year. I may edit free kick taking to allow our keepers to take even remote direct free kicks as well to try and boost the numbers.


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Pre-season 2027



The youth come through during the off season, and at first sight they don't look anything special. I've signed up all those with 3 star potential as I've found the potential can vary quite a bit even over the first few months. I'll put screenshots of any that start playing for us.

Coming into the transfer market over the winter, I felt I definitely needed another striker, a backup AMR and potential a replacement for Ross-Lang at AML as for a foreign spot he's far too weak. I also needed to replace Rasmussen and potentially Madsen if he wouldn't sign a new contract as his deal is up next year and he's worth £1.7million, with interest from the Middle East.

Players bought


We started off bringing in Molde young CB Haraldstad. A pretty solid CB with room for growth. Likely to start as backup, and potentially will replace Kirkegaard who is making noises about wanting to play for a bigger club. We also picked up fellow Molde CB Kolberg Slordahl, who will replace Rasmussen directly, and then we picked up a third free CB in American Peter Nava. He looks class with positive stats across the board and room for growth. I'll be working on his pace initially. I now feel comfortable in letting Madsen go if an offer comes in.





Hansen arrived on a free, and I've already shown his profile. He will rotate with Robertson, who I didn't really have backup for last season. His passing and vision is what I've got him for. I also bought in another freebie, this time a backup just for the year in Tangen. He's nothing special, but I'm not sure my youth AML and AMR options are up for first team football yet, so I've given them another 12 months with this signing.




We've really bolstered this department. Harkin is available to approach for contract, but he wants too much money. I think it's a pipe dream trying to get him. Firstly, we splashed out our entire transfer budget on Ferlin. Pace, flair and finishing means he can either play on the wings or up front. He'll likely replace Harkin when he leaves, but he will start at AML for the first three games at least as Marlon is banned. The next day my scouts reported on Odubeko. I'm not sure his finishing and composure are up to much, but he's physical and fast and we just can't seem to find strikers who will join us for low wages with any real ability. 





Players sold

One of my first sales was Ylvisaker. He just isn't cut out for this level. Despite that, we've made a good profit on him as he leaves for Sweden.


Madsen went out as soon as we confirmed the three incoming CBs for free. I think we may initially struggle at CB as everyone gels, but we are a selling club and I'd rather the £1.7 million now than nothing at the end of the season.


Potential outgoings

Some large bids have come in for Kirkegaard again. I'm keeping him until January, but with a wealth of new centre backs I may have to take this sort of money next time.

Marlon also was the subject of big bids. I've rejected and said he can leave if £2.8million is offered. So far teams from Europe and Brazil have been lowballing so I've gotten away with this. I think he may be an August sale as well though.





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Pre-season 2027 continued

A few job offers arrived over the winter, from Wolves and Aston Villa. This shows my growth in stature, but also reminded me that the English Leagues are still active, so I put for them to turn to view-only at the end of the season. 

We played a number of pre-season games for fitness, including our first training camp in Spain. This was a mistake, as nobody was available to play so it was 12 days of no games! 

We also played the Super Cup against champions Valerenga. We repeated the result against them from last season with a 4-0 victory. Marlon was POM. He was also the only match fit player on either side!


I somehow enter the Hall of Fame after 1 cup win, 1 First Division win and 1 Super Cup win. 


There was also a first start for our LB prospect, Jerome Garbutt.


He's improved considerably since coming through the youth this time last year, so I'll be playing him for part of this season.


Two other youth prospects who may get games are Yndestad and Lange. Lange played twice last year, and got an assist, while Yndestad has improved significantly in the last six months.



I show those two separately, as they're not in the main squad below, but will start with Tromso 2. I'm much happier with strength in depth this season, especially upfront where, for the first time in 3 seasons, we will have options! Our weakest area is GK really, but I'll keep faith in Hoff Tjore and give game time to Johnsgard with a view of him taking over next year.


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April 2027 update

I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the start this year. It's the first year where I've possibly felt some level of expectation of achieving after last season. The first season was a walk in the park as we were so superior to the other First Division teams, while last season was just brilliant so I enjoyed almost all of it. This year I do feel the pressure to perhaps go one better and secure the title. At a minimum we should be in the top three again securing European football.

Anyway, as a result of this, I feel this start is mixed. The 4-4 draw was crazy, we were 2-0 up very quickly but then became extremely complacent and nearly lost in the end. We've given away 3 penalties already this year too. Two against Stormgodset. Garbutt at 16 years old can be forgiven, but when replaced by Nicolaisen I did not expect the elder statesman to do the same thing in the same game. Frustrating!

The result against Valerenga was also a case of going 2-0 up and then being complacent, but this time we held on, while the Rosenborg defeat can be excused I suppose. Maybe my standards are now too high? I think part of the issue is our new centre backs not having gelled and formed partnerships, while we've added a number higher up the field too. Perhaps they just need time.

We've made good progress in the cup. It would be great to retain it!



One other noteworthy item, was young LW coming on in the cup and scoring to become our youngest goalscorer. He may get some more games soon as Marlon and Ferlin are now both injured for a few weeks. 



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May 2027 Update


A nice milestone! Takes much longer in Scandinavia with shorter seasons. Usually I hit this after 4 seasons in the lower reaches of English football!

We've had another up and down month. Another draw and a heavy defeat, but also 3 more wins. It sees us move up a place to third, but with a third of the season gone it looks like it may be a longshot for the title. 




I think there's three reasons we're having problems. One, we're a higher reputation now and in our second season in the Eliteserien. Teams are sitting back more, giving us less space and hitting us on the counter. Two, we're having issues in defence. Our LB spot in particular is a problem. Nyhagen and Nicolaisen aren't convincing, and Garbutt is 16, he's going to make errors. We've given away 6 penalties this season already! Thirdly, we've been giving more game time to other youngsters as well. Yndestad and Johnsgard have played a few. Noticeably we drew against Stabaek with all three youngsters playing. 

Again, perhaps my expectations were too high at the start of the season. If we did secure another season of European football by finishing third, it would be solid at worst. Additionally, we haven't gelled yet as a team and yet we're third. I'll try not to be upset :lol:



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June 2027 update

Now that's more like it!


I think that this is my record for any competitive match on FM. Lappalainen-Uusitalo nearly matched his six in a game from last season. It means we've also now hit the following records.


Bear in mind there's potentially 3 more games for us to play in the cup!


Lovely, just lovely. I ended up adjusting settings to key highlights and no replays about 30 minutes into the game, as it had taken at least 5 minutes to get that far into the game!

It was the start of an excellent month. We didn't conceded in the league, beat top placed Molde away from home, and advanced to the semi finals of the cup.


Sadly, we said goodbye to Lee Harkin as his contract at Wolves runs out on the 30th and he won't sign a deal with us.

What a legend he has been! 58 league goals in 93 games isn't outstanding, but with me in charge he's scored 48 in 63 and countless more in the cup. 



He's just signed for Everton and is worth £14.5 million; no wonder he didn't want to sign for us!!


I'm pretty confident we can deal with his absence, but I won't know until we move forward.

Where does this month leave us in the league? We're now second regardless of who wins their games in hand. We've closed the gap to Molde to 2 points, although they have a game in hand. I'm much happier now!


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July 2027 update
First up we play Ranheim this month, my bogey team. I had a look at historic fixtures. image.png.8dd78c4cc79db9c3ef0eeb05001250a3.png

Turns out I did beat them the season before last, it's just that we only dropped 7 point all year so losing to them was a big deal. Last season they did a number on us. I feel a tense game coming.


Very tense indeed. We peppered their goal, but couldn't find a way through before Hartviksen got the winner. Perhaps the loss of Harkin is going to be more obvious than I thought.

Only two more league games this month.


Again, we've struggled to finish. The Bodo draw was made more upsetting by the fact Hoff Tjore missed a penalty. Look who saved it. Snorre, our former goalkeeper! How humiliating!!


Despite this, we finish the league games of July in first place! Molde have fallen off the pace since we beat them, but it does look like a three-way battle for the title at this rate. I'm delighted we're in the mix!


The end of July saw the first foray into Europe for this save. We faced Shaktar Soligorsk of Belarus, who on paper we should be beating. The first leg was a stroll in the park, and while their LW scored a worldie in the first half of the away leg, the result was never really in doubt. Tangen picked up MOTM. He's been a really useful player this season, with 6 goals so far, so we've given him a new deal.


We drew IFK Norrkoping in the next round. They're a decent side, but they're currently 7th in the Swedish Premier, so we should be able to beat them. That's next month, in between some tough games. Luckily, the tough ones are all at home, but it's going to be a challenge to manage the squad over this period.If we're still top after this period I'll be very happy.







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August 2027 update


Tangen is turning out to be an inspired signing. He has the highest average rating in the league and keeps throwing in key goals like this.

We signed quite a few players on the 2nd August. 

I have a real problem with foreign players. I get the squad under control and then a scout report comes in and in a flash I've offered them a contract. I cannot resist a freebie! So let me introduce some players we don't need and who won't play!

Blackburn is the first to arrive.


I don't really need him, but saw the pace and physicals and thought he might replace Marlon if he left. He hasn't though. Not sure I've called this one right at all! If Marlon goes (he's still awaiting a promise for £2.8 million bids) then this may work out. This took foreigners to 9, which is the max.

So, therefore I signed two more!

Firstly, Olesen arrives. This one makes some sense, as we can loan him out and find a spot for him next year maybe?!


Then the next freebie:

image.png.3303984715803eeb7846ba241aee893f.pngNow Bednar I like! He's got perfect attributes for my BWM role which Kruse operates in currently. Njoten is backup at the moment, but just isn't quite as capable. As soon as I made this transfer I regretted registering Blackburn. To be honest, I thought Bednar would join at the end of the season. As it is I've sent him back out on loan. I hope this doesn't bite me!

I've also brought back Vegsund for £11k. He will also go out on loan. I brought him back because he's Norweigan and I may be able to develop or sell him on.


We also sold two players over the month. Firstly Nyhagen. He's no longer first choice as Nicolaisen has been bringing in a huge number of assists from open play and I want to play Garbutt more than I am. He was also out of contract at the end of the year. That first year though, 1 assist per 2 games! Excellent form.


We also made the difficult decision to allow Kirkegaard to leave. There's two reasons. One, £2.2million is a stupid amount of money for him. Two, he's fickle and becoming more and more important to the squad. We can't be having that influence on our younger players. I guess there's a third reason, we have a number of other CBs who can step up. Haraldstad is now 3rd choice, while we have youth options and a couple who can return from loans if needed. Our Rbs and LBs can also play there. He's worth £1.1 million at Molde, which suggests we've made good money here.


So, how did the rest of the football go?


Pretty much faultless is how it went!

Good results in the league firstly, which leave us top of the pile. I'm delighted with the last three months! 


More importantly for the club, we've made superb progress in Europe! As a result of the money, we've been granted a number of upgrades:






Did I push the boat out? Probably. However, they've been rejecting requests for the last 6 months despite money from transfers so I didn't think we'd get them all. 

We've been handed a tough European draw.


One final change, is Tjore Hoff is off penalties. Despite a goalscoring keeper being part of my save, he's just missed so many this season:


All 4 missed are his, while Johnsgard scored one of the two successful ones. I've started Johnsgard since Hoff's last miss (4th missed pen in a row) so we'll see how he does. I think he's yet to miss one. I'll have jinxed him now!

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September 2027 Update


September started well, with Marlon happy to stay. I'm going to review the whole squad after the season, but will probably try and extend his contract as he has 2 years left.

It was a good month in the league, a good month in the Euro Conference, but not great in the cup where we were convincingly beaten by Bodo/Glimt!


I suspected the trouncing might come after our game against Brann. 2-0 up to 3-2 down, with Tangen rescuing us again.


That draw means Molde have closed the gap, but we returned to winning ways with the 5-0 win against Viking. Very satisfying as they beat us 4-0 earlier in the season! It's going to be a tense couple of months!


In Europe, we made an unexpectedly good start. We were 2-0 up against Dinamo, but they were much better than us so I don't mind the draw. Nordsjaelland are next up, so if we take points off them we could be in really good shape to qualify.


I just wanted to pick out a couple of players from the last couple of months.

Since Harkin's departure, Odubeko and Ferlin have fought it out to be the starting advanced forward alongside Lappalainen-Uusitalo who operates in the DLF role. 

Ferlin has taken the chance and has really been performing well recently. The goals have been coming thick and fast in Europe, but he's also scoring in the league as well. I've got high hopes for him.


And we can't forget Tangen. 11 goals and 4 assists from 17 starts with 8 POM awards. Just sensational!


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October 2027 update

Only three league games and one in Europe this month.

Firstly, our under 19s are promoted to the National Championship, which will be good for their development.


In the league, we won 2 and drew 1. Luckily Molde have lost twice this month, so the gap has grown. With 4 games to go we sit 5 points clear and will play Molde in the next game (I think - not on the game currently!)



In Europe, we continued our excellent performance in the group stage. It was young Johnsgard who essentially won us the game with his first free kick goal. I'm really glad I replaced Hoff Tjore as Johnsgard has now moved on to 7 goals for the season. That's better than 1 in 3 which is brilliant! Finally, I may have a goal-scoring keeper!


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Youth intake preview 2027


This is definitely better than it has been for the last two intakes, both of which haven't been too bad all things considered. 


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November 2027 update



We're champions!! 


Beating Molde essentially made the rest of the run-in a formality and we duly dispatched Ranheim (ending our run of difficult games against them) to seal the title with 2 games to spare.

Molde essentially handed it to us though, going down to 10 men after 37 seconds! They did come back to equalise after we took the lead, but we quickly made it 2-1 and from then on looked comfortable.

The Sarpsborg point was important, because...


The league table ends up like this. We were also 1 win away from the wins record, but I'll settle for the first Eliteserien title for the club along with the points record!




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2027 end of season review Part 1

What a fantastic season! The first top division title of my managerial reign to go along with my first silverware from last season. I feel that the signings we made in the winter eventually allowed us to push on after a few months of settling in. We've got a number of facility upgrades going through that will reflect in next year's table.


I want to take a look at how the current squad has done this year, before taking a deeper look at the club through all the teams in the next posts as we consider where we can improve. There's also 1 more game in the Europa Conference before the technical end of the season, so I should really play that just in case something amazing happens.

Before I do that, a quick consideration of where I am in this save.

I wanted to do a journeyman style career, having not moved teams on a version of FM since about '07. I gave myself 3 full years with a team, but have said I'll allow myself longer with Tromso to win the league. Although I've now done that, I'd like a couple more years to fully enjoy this club before moving on. 

I wanted to use scouting realistically, and we're still relying on scout reports for signings. Sticking to this has been enjoyable as in the past I've ended up trawling through the youth intakes via the world transfers tab which allows you to pick up most good players, but also feels like a cheat.

Finally, and the main reason for this reflection, is I wanted goal-scoring keepers. Having dropped Toff Hjore for missing too many penalties (5 missed this season!), I am very excited by Dag Johnsgard. He did miss one penalty at the end of the season, but I feel if he played all year he'd have hit double figures easily. As it is, he moves ahead of Hoff Tjore after less than half the number of games. I've got high hopes for him next season. 



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2027 end of season review 2


I'm very happy with how the squad has done this year. 


Toff Hjore did well as a goalkeeper, but Johnsgaard is better in terms of goals and assists. He's growing as a goalkeeper too due to the exposure to a higher number of games, so i'm glad we blooded him. I want double figures next year!


LB: Nicolaisen had a run of 7 assists in about 15 games, but ran out of steam later on in the season. Garbutt is the natural successor, but made a lot of mistakes in his 13 games this season. Nyhagen was sold in the summer transfer window.

CB: Kolberg and Nava were the starting pair, although Kirkegaard played a lot of games before his summer sale. Haraldstad took over and is faster than Nava so became the favourite in the bigger games where opponents tended to have faster strikers. Nava's 10 pace and 11 acceleration need improving on.

RB: Waage did really well for a period of 2 months this season when Munksgaard was out injured, but overall Munksgaard contributed more, although the effect of our long throw was definitely lowered this season, with only 4 direct assists from my memory. I perhaps need to refresh the routine.


CM: Hansen and Robertson have played as a DLP(s) while Kruse and Njoten have played as BWM(D). Although Hansen and Robertson have both rated below 7, Hansen has taken over the starting role in recent months. 8 of his 15 assists this season were in the cup, where we won 15-1. I think about 5 were in that game! Despite this, he's definitely more creative. Kruse is the clear winner as a ball winner. He's been class, his pace and aggression have made a real difference in key games. We miss him when Njoten plays. Njoten is okay, don't get me wrong, but he isn't anywhere near as effective. 

AMR: Hartviksen had a pretty good season, but Tangen is the real story in this role. Signed as a backup, he's flourished and beat all sorts of records. He now often starts ahead of Hartviksen, which says a lot as he has been the standout player of my time here.


AML: We started the season with Ferlin here as Marlon was injured. Marlon eventually found form which allowed us to move Ferlin further forward. Blackburn played a backup role, but his arrival on a free also stunted Yndestad who played less games than I wanted him to. 

ST: No Harkin in this shot, who started as our advanced forward. His departure has allowed Ferlin to flourish. He finishes as our top scorer in all competitions which is impressive as he had 6 goals halfway through the season. Lappalainen-Uusitalo is our DLF, although Odubeko also did well in whatever role he played. I just wish he didn't 'play with back to goal' as it makes him less effective when playing as an AF. It was nice to have actual backup in this role this year! 



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