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In - game printing on text file error


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I don't know if this is the correct place to ask but i'm trying to use the newgan face replace pack. So one of the necessary steps is to control+P the results as a text file. But when i do that i get a txt file which does not include all the results of the search screen (e.g. i would get 400 players instead of 10.000). Is there a limit on the printing thing or another workaround?

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Maybe i didn't write correctly the question. I'm not talking about the facepack. I'm talking about the rtf file which is created by using the ingame print option (control + P). When i select the option save as txt file or html the results are only a small percentage of the search results (eg. search results is 1000 players, text file saves only 200 names.)
Sorry for my bad english 

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