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Players Viewable on Squad Screen But Not Tactics


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Hi, apologies if this isn’t actually a bug or if it’s already been posted: I’m not the most technologically savvy. 

I’ve encountered an issue where I can see players in the ‘squad’ selection, but when I look at the tactics page for a match selection: over half the players who would normally appear when selecting a team are missing. I’ve attached a couple photos which illustrates the missing players. In this example, you should be able to see Cammy Bell, Jacques Heraghty and Willie Muir, while you can only see Heraghty in the Matchday Tactics Selection screen. 


as well as that, I’d note that I’ve got all the appropriate filters on/off.  Any advice, let me know. 



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Hi @rosslaird,

Thanks for contacting us.

This does seem a bit of an odd issue - do these players every appear in your squad or are you able to pick them via substitutes? so far im unable to get this to repro myself so we may need a save file for this also. Saves can be uploaded via the link below, i will also need the file name in this thread once you have uploaded it.




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