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Budget being reduced not only by Transfer Fee, but also by future Sell On Clause

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In the latest version, the transfer budget is not just being reduced by the Transfer Fee paid, but also by the future Sell On Clause.


For example, I have £629M in my budget:



Then I finalise the deal to buy Lukaku (for £90M):



As part of the negotiations to buy him, I had agreed a 50% Sell On Clause:



After the deal went through, my budget had been reduced to £494M:



The new balance should have been £539M (ie £629M - £90M). However the new balance was £494M, which means it was reduded by an extra £45M, which happens to be 50% of the £90M fee (ie it looks like the sell on fee is being applied here). 

It didn't used to do this. I'm pretty sure it only started in the last version...


I've uploaded a save to OwnCloud, called transfer-budget-and-sell-on-fee.fms which is right where you confirm the Lukaku transfer shown above.


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