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DoF in charge of scouting makes huge debts the scouting budget

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For the second season in a row my DoF spends the entire scouting budget in the first few weeks of the season and keeps on spending and making debts even if the numbers are already in red.

I have not asked for scouting reports, "continue scouting" or any other assignments myself as a player that could influence this

Savegame URL: https://davystorageaccount.blob.core.windows.net/pcmstoryblobcontainer/Davy Depuydt - Unemployed.fm



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Hello and thanks for the feedback - can you provide a savegame from before a transfer window has started? This one is already in February. 

Ideally one from before the summer transfer window, as it seems that's where he makes most signings :thup:


Kind regards,


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