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Champions League squad unhappiness

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Summary: A player is unhappy about being left out of the Champions League squad.

Description of issue: In the Champions League qualifying rounds, you can make one change to your squad between rounds, which is useful because there are four of them for clubs from low ranked countries. Between the first and second qualifying rounds, I signed two new players, but could only name one in the squad. The one I didn't name, Obradovic, is now getting pissy because he wasn't included in the squad, and now the media are asking questions about it too.

Surely the game and the players within it should understand the rules so players don't kick up a fuss about it?

Anyway, to appease him, I promised that I'd pick him in the next Champions League squad. However, the next week, before an opportunity to name a new squad even came up, he suddenly out of the blue said he was angry that he still wasn't named in the squad as promised and was now considering his future.

So I've sold a reliable squad player for a more expensive one that is now bordering on unusable unless he backs down in the near future.

EDIT: And now, to make things worse, I've progressed to the third qualifying round and I don't have the option to remove a player, which I'd need to do in order to add Obradovic. Hopefully I'll be able to add him to a European squad of some sorts before long and he drops his concern.

Steps to Reproduce: At Champions League squad naming day, select Egbo but not Obradovic. Promise to name him in the next squad and then go forward a week (between the Super Cup and the second leg against Maccabi Haifa).

File uploaded: UnhappyCLSquad.fm

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