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Playing all the big teams consecutively


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This has happened to me on pretty much every save.

The most recent one was during my latest Leeds save, where either at the very start of the season or during the busy December period I would play the likes of Liverpool, Man City, Man U/Chelsea and Spurs all in a matter of weeks. 

Obviously I know that I'll have to play these teams at some point but surely it's no coincidence that I'm having to play them all back to back. It sucks because I pretty much have no choice but to rest my key players due to fatigue, even if they are rested against weaker teams before the onslaught begins.

Leeds have a really good team in the game IMO and can definitely challenge for the top 6 if you get your tactics right, but playing these quality teams 4 games in a row can absolutely kill momentum. 

Like I said, it either happens during the beginning or mid season. Does this happen to anyone else or should I just stop moaning?



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I have seen exactly the same thing on the 2 separate Leeds saves I've played on FM21. I'm pretty sure I ticked 'Dont use real fixtures' on startup as well, so theoretically fixtures should be pretty random? I've got Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City in a 2 week period in December in my current save, playing Tue/Sat/Tue/Sat (and Arsenal are top 6 in the game).

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Yes, still in season 1. Started on the original FM21 release version.

Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham, ______, Chelsea - 5 game span in the first half

Liverpool, Man City, Tottenham, Chelsea - 4 in a row in the second half

Lost to City twice, but actually did the double over Liverpool! Which ain't too shabby for a 20/21 Brighton side.

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