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As Real Sociedad - Bids lower than Release clause and Asking Price being accepted

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Playing as Real Sociedad (First Season)

- As of Aug 18 2020, I have Adnan Januzaj's asking price as $39.5m, release clause is $71m (Real ... Bid 2.jpg & Real ... Bid 3.jpg).

- Pressing continue, my General Manager accepts an offer from Man Utd for $24.5m.

- Reloading the save before the bid and setting the asking price to $55m+ seems to stop the bid from happening.



Real Sociedad lower bid 2.jpg

Real Sociedad lower bid.jpg

Real Sociedad lower bid 3.jpg

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  • SI Staff

Thanks for the feedback. 

As @Mcfc1894 has pointed out Utd do have a buy back on Januzaj which would not be able to be rejected. 


Although increasing the asking price shouldn't deter Utd from triggering the buy back. If you have the save game you mention above would you be able to upload it to our cloud service and we will take a look. 



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