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I’m currently into a long save in 2030. I’ve been at several clubs now doing quite well. A couple of promotions to my name. But there isn’t any data in my manager history. It just says 1 cup. It’s the same for the online leaderboards. For example I started my career in Greece at ionikos my friend also started a save in Greece. We couldn’t compare season score with each other. Neither could find it. Anyone else experiencing this? 


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Don't know if it's same thing but I went on my "relationships" screen on my own profile then clicked on one of the bad ones (red/distant) was Niko kovac I'm assuming I had slagged him off in a press conference or used one of his players in wrong position, so I clicked on his history to find out who he'd managed (as he was unemployed) and there was no manager history that I could find 

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