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Screen not responsive after wake up device

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for contacting us.

Would you be able to please confirm your devices and android version numbers please and possibly attach a video of the issue you are having in this thread so i can get a clearer image of what may be going on please?



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I've been having this problem as well since the start and through all the updates. I think lots of people still have it but either stopped playing because of how annoying it is or just got used to it.

Device: Samsung galaxy tab a 8.0 (2019)  - SM-T290 with Android 10. no fancy settings, factory defaults, tried all that I could find and think of to overcome the bug but it's persistent. Never happened
to any other apps/games.

Problem: taps/clicks work perfectly as expected in the game but if you turn off the screen and turn it on again, the alignment gets off. You have to tap more to the left and to the top on the right and
bottom areas of the UI to actually tap on what you want. 

how to replicate the bug:
- start game, load any save, tap a few pixels to the left of the Actions button (top right) on the empty space - nothing happens as it should because you're not tapping on anything, it's empty UI space
- turn off screen, turn on screen 
- tap on the same spot of empty space, now the Actions button will get pressed 

Other example: 
- buttons work as normal, then screen off, screen on


-then to click the X green button on the right in the image above, I have to tap where the cursor over the image is. If I tap on the button itself nothing happens. 

The effects are general across all the UI, match-engine too.  The calibration is ok on the left top corner and gets worse and worse as you move towards the right and/or the bottom. 
It makes simple things like a player substitution quite the challenge.

I'm convinced this happens to lots of people based on the Play store reviews, I think this might be reported as unresponsiveness, bad ui ,etc. because it seems that way at first.
Users will either get annoyed and drop the game or suffer through and get used to how the bug works like I did for so long as well as the previous posters and I'm sure many many others.

Other than this for me the game is 10/10 now. Cheers and I really really hope this gets fixed one day. Thank you!

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