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Bad defensive awareness


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My team got a corner at the 28:31 mark. I have 1 player on the box, who is marked by one of their players and 2 defenders staying back, covering 1 of their attackers.

The corner gets cleared, their player reacts much faster than my player, despite my player being closer to the ball. Their player runs directly to my goal with the ball.  He just runs past one of my defenders who does nothing at all. Before the 2nd defender can react, their player has already scored.

1) my player on the box should've been to that ball first

2) my defender should've reacted to their player running at him

3) my 2nd defender should've reacted faster to close down the ball carrier. (their other attacker wasn't in play at all, which is another issue)

Liverpool v Man Utd.pkm

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