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The main scout analyst reports give differing details to the main reports when you click further into them

eg.  The main report is saying that 7 goals have been scored, however when you click into it only 2 goals are scored.  Also the main report states that the most assists in green have come from the left wing but looking deeper into the reports they come from the centre and deep.  

Can these please be rectified so they correlate.



Vilafranquense_ Analyst Report.png

Goals Scored error.png

Goals Conceded not error.png

Assist error.png

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A further example says in the report that 5 of the 15 assists in the last 13 matches have come from left side of pitch and 6 of 15 assists have come from crosses.

But the graphic only mentions 2 assists from crosses and 3 in total with none of them coming from left hand side of the pitch.

Can this be looked into and rectified -

I have uploaded Opposition Report Bug.fm to the SI cloud so you can investigate



Casa Pia_ Analyst Report.png

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