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[FM21] A right Royal mess. Scandinavian Journeyman save starting in Faroe Islands. Very biased towards Youth Development. Possibly 100% #YouthOnly

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ENORMOUS Bid. Dec 2045

Anyone but our DLP. Literally anyone else! :(

He's got 4 years left on his contract, so why would I sell? I can just sell at some point in the future right? 

I've got to admit that I'm pleasantly surprised that the Chairman didn't accept the offer. 




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Reputation. Dec 2045

We're up to 3rd in terms of reputation. 


6,129 HJK 
5,612 FC Honka
5,479 AC Oulu 

We're closing in on FC Honka, but we're still a little way behind HJK. We could really do with a good run in the Euro Cup this season. 

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European campaign. 2045

Qualifying was pretty comfortable. 


I can't really complain with finishing 3rd in a Group containing an English and German side. Of course we beat the Georgians twice, but we also managed to beat Norwich which is pretty impressive. 



We didn't get out of the Group stage, but then again we didn't expect to.  

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Something a little unusual. Mar 2046

I missed this when it happened initially, so I need to take you back to Nov 2044. 

Kosovo were playing Montenegro in the Euro League and one of my centre-backs, (40n) Artan Kabashi (KVX), who was a teenager back then, was making just his 2nd Senior International appearance. 


(40n) Artan Kabashi (KVX) is nothing special, (although he has played for our 1st team). I just think that it's significant that a centre-back was able to score an International hat-trick in such an important game against such big rivals. 



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Finland National Team production. Jun 2046.

I know this is a "gimmicky" feature but I love it, and I plan on being top of this table before I leave the club. 


(42c) Tomi Lehtinen 5'11" is 1 of 2 really good GK's we have at the club. (The other is out on loan so as to not stunt his development). The plan is that I will keep 1 and sell the other, but I'm not sure which will be which at this stage. My GK's take pens when Jr isn't on the pitch, but we haven't been getting as many as I would expect and I might have to look at this. 



(43b) Jasper Siira is the best player at the club, and recently became my 1st player in this save to complete 100+ passes in a game. He's FAR from the finished article though. I'm trying to get him to learn the "plays killer balls" PPM, because I would rather he was more creative and kept possession less.



As mentioned already, we have another GK in at the club who I expect to become a full FIN International in (41d) Matias Malinen-Repo 6'4", and we have 2 and possibly 3 younger strikers who look like they might be decent, but it's too early o say for definite that they will be good enough for the FIN National side. We could really do with getting through some defenders of the required quality. 

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Big Bid. Ju 2046

I've only just noticed in reading this message again that (43b) Jasper Siira is a wonderkid and in fact our 1st wonderkid of the save. :applause:(He was a wonderkid in the previous post too and I didn't notice). 

We only have £2.2M in the bank so £9.25M is a lot of money, but I have other players and in particular other positions where I think we could generate transfer income without negatively impacting the squad as much as this would. We particularly have a number of strikers who could go for lots of money, but I think that they are just that little bit younger so maybe not attracting the this sort of attention. 


He has 3.5 years left on his contract and I am definitely protesting this deal. I don't want to lose him. 


Milan & Juve are also sniffing about and there is no amount of money in the World that would make me sell him to HJK. 

The protest worked so he stays, but I really want to sell someone else so that the board are less likely to get involved. 

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European rankings. Jun 2046

We're (Finnish clubs), really starting to make good progress here and not for this European season, (which hasn't started yet), but for the season after, we will have 2 Champions League spots and a Euro Cup spot to go with 2 Euro Conference spots. We really need to be qualifying for the Champions League this season. 






Although we have done really well in Europe since qualifying, it's not all been down just to us. 

HJK made it to the Qtr Final of the Euro Conference in 2046 after finishing 3rd in their Euro Cup Group. They have been a regular in the knockout stages in recent years. 


FC Honka haven't been as good and have made the Group Stage only once. 

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Another bid. Jun 2046

I mentioned that we had a number of decent strikers coming through, and no sooner did I say it than Ajax came in for one of them. 


(43a) Teppo Tauriainen-Nisula is our 1st choice DLF and while I would have preferred to sell one of the strikers who play on the left, I can't exactly complain too much about this deal. That being said, if we are going to sell players to the likes of Ajax, then I want a sell on clause so I'm going to ask the board to renegotiate and include a sell on fee. 



The board agree to the sell on clause.


They were successful in negotiating a 20% profit clause, and that will do me. I would have preferred sale rather than profit, but I can't really complain. I'm happy with this deal. 



Before the above deal could be confirmed however, Ajax had obviously seen something else they liked while they were scouting (43a) Teppo Tauriainen-Nisula and launched a cheeky bid for (43c) Hannes Ollikainen. He is our 2nc choice DLP and there is no way they can have them both. :lol: 

His physical abilities are his strength and I really like the look of how he is developing. 




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HUGE Bid. Jul 2046

I don't like this bid at all. We have £8.1M in the bank so we really don't need the money. The only way I can respond is to resign and I don't want to do that at this stage. My only hope is hat the player might not actually want to go to China. 

I can understand why the board accepted the deal, but it's still frustrating. 



It's all gone a bit crazy now. 

Porto have had a £10.75M deal accepted and I would rather he go there than China. 

Ajax have come in with a structured deal that also includes a friendly and a 40% profit clause, and obviously because (43a) Teppo Tauriainen-Nisula is already there it would make sense for him to join him. 

I don't want him to go, but anywhere is better than China. 

Wow. This is really interesting. 


I half expected him to turn down the Chinese offer, but turning down Porto & Ajax...... That's certainly a little strange. :confused:

He's got the hump with me for cancelling the deal to Ajax that I protested, but then he himself, (or his agent), pulled out of the latest deals to both Ajax and Porto. 


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Great read as always !

I have been silently following your FM21 adventures and it's good that you decided to carry on.

Is Sweden and Denmark your next target in terms of Scandinavia ? It seems that Finland might overtake them on coeff. ranking soon :D

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2 minutes ago, rrozek93 said:

Great read as always !

I have been silently following your FM21 adventures and it's good that you decided to carry on.

Is Sweden and Denmark your next target in terms of Scandinavia ? It seems that Finland might overtake them on coeff. ranking soon :D

Thanks very much. :thup:

Yes, and no. I think Sweden/Norway will be my next destination and I will move to Denmark last, (before possibly returning to somehwere). 

Yes, we've already passed Norway and I think we might just squeeze past Sweden before I leave too. I think a lot depends on how HJK and FC Honka do. There is only so much we can do on our own. 

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Facilities. Jun 2046




Don't forget that the facilities take about a month to "pop", so although the numerical values above show 12 as Youth Facilities, I expect it to pop in the next month or so. 


I have been hanging on to post this update, waiting for the facilities to "pop". It's been about 6 weeks since the upgrade but there has been no pop. :confused:

I've just noticed that we play at a few different stadiums now depending on what competition it is. 

Europa League


Europa Conference


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Ajax are pillaging us! Jul 2046

They've signed (43a) Teppo Tauriainen-Nisula
Had a bid for (43b) Jasper Siira accepted but couldn't agree terms. 
Now they are in for (43c) Hannes Ollikainen

We've already lost our 1st choice DLF. I can't afford to also lose his replacement so I'm going to protest. 





Phew! :herman:

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1 minute ago, Pompeyboyz said:

Whats your stadium capacity at your home?

I've been playing my European matches at a bigger stadium as there is a 4500 capacity requirement and mine is only 3000

Yeah, that's why we have the 2 other stadiums in Europe. 

4,392 capacity at home stadium. 

8,0000 capacity required for Euro Conference Group Stages. 

8,000 capacity required for Euro Cup Group Stages. 

8,000 capacity required for Champions league Group Stages. 

I believe that the capacity is lower for qualifying stages though. 


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Very interesting that you get 2 different grounds to play at for the European matches as I have just checked mine and all are being played at the Llanelli Rugby ground which has a capacity of just over 14k

Even in my current season where I made the CL groups and have Celtic, Barcelona and Juventus, I am playing there. Seeing Haverfordwest also played there for a match too this season.

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20 minutes ago, Pompeyboyz said:

Very interesting that you get 2 different grounds to play at for the European matches as I have just checked mine and all are being played at the Llanelli Rugby ground which has a capacity of just over 14k

Even in my current season where I made the CL groups and have Celtic, Barcelona and Juventus, I am playing there. Seeing Haverfordwest also played there for a match too this season.

It's dropped down to 1 now. Not sure why there were 2 before. 

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12 minutes ago, Jimbokav1971 said:

It's dropped down to 1 now. Not sure why there were 2 before. 

Bit bizarre you had to go to both Tampere and Helsinki too as they are a long way from Oulu

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I wish I had let him go to Ajax now. Jul 2046

I appreciate that this is a big deal, and I can sort of understand why the board accepted it, but we have £8.3M in the bank. At some point he is going to stop accepting buds right? 


I can't protest but I can ask them to renegotiate and ass a sell on clause. 


Unfortunately they were unable to get a future fee clause added in it seems. 


The fact that he's only worth £6M after his arrival suggests that we did well to get £10M for him, but I obviously expect him to be worth much more than £10M soon. I also look at him, see all the green and see the "wonderkid" tag and think that he is amazing to have been playing in Finland at his current level. I'm sure we will miss him. 



Liverpool are also in for our 1st choice GK. We now have £18M in the bank. I think I should go out and spend some of it. 


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Oh go away Ajax. Aug 2046

This was our 2nd choice DLF but he is now our 1st choice DLF because Ajax bought the 1st choice bloke. Did they by the wrong player? :lol:


I'm unable to protest so I'm going to renegotiate. I can't ask for a future fee clause, (because it's already in there), so instead I'm going to ask if we can loan him back in. 


In the end he chose to join AC Milan. 




We now have £20M in the bank. e7279daa3491d3b41a084379dbf10abb.png

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4 hours ago, Pompeyboyz said:

you need to spend that money or you will not have any players left :lol:

It's easier said than done. :lol:

I've been able to bring numbers in, but we haven't been able to get even close to replacing the quality. 

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Season 27. AC Oulu. Finland. Veikkausliiga. Oct 2046.

Youth Intake



Veikkausliiga. It was our best ever league finish, both in terms of position (2nd), and points (55), so I can't really complain. What it doesn't show is that we were top before the board sold 3 of our 4 best players and we really struggled after they left. On the plus side, we will be playing in the Champions League qualifying for the 1st time next season. 


Finnish Cup. We got to the Final, but couldn't win it. 


Royal League. Not entered.

Europe. This looks like I rotated the squad and fielded a weakened side against our Norwegian brothers, but I promise you I didn't. We were just rubbish. 


It did mean that we would drop into the Euro Conference Group stage and I will update you on that once we are out. 

Squad by Appearances. This obviously doesn't show the players who have left and who were very influential. 


The star of the show was Garðarsson (ISL) who seems like a cross between Orri Freyr Oskarsson and Djbril Cisse, (in FM terms). Both of these players are were absolute physical beasts and ran riot in the game, significantly over-powered in comparison to their relatively modest real-life selves. 
























We were absolutely devastated by losing 3 of the top 4 players at the club. We were top when (43b) Jasper Siira was sold and our form plummeted after he left. 










Summary. We would have won the league had the board not sold (43b) Jasper Siira and the 2 strikers. I think that we could have sold both strikers and as long as we had kept (43b) Jasper Siira then we would still have won the league. It completely ripped the stuffing out of us. He was such a key player that we have still been unable to replace and I don't know how I replace him. On the plus side, we have £20M in the bank and if I work hard at the recruitment we should be able to develop something really impressive here. The problem is that I didn't want it to be quite as long-term as that. I was hoping to stay here for 2 more years and then move on. Now I feel like I have had the rug pulled from under me and I don't know what to do. 


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The single end of season update isn't really working anymore. There is just too much info to post and I don't like it. I think I'm going to revert to smaller, more regular updates. I'm not sure if these will be monthly, (overkill), but I think at the end of each transfer window and then at the end of each competition, (so 2 transfer windows, League Cup, Europe and then League would be the 5th update. Something like that anyway. Maybe more than that. I don't know. We will see how it goes, but more often than once a season anyway. 

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Freak. Nov 2046

I mentioned in the last update that Garðarsson (ISL) is a physical beast and almost like a "cheat" player, but whatever he did, he did it very well. 

I've lost count of what awards he won, but they include the following. 

Premier League Forward of the Season. 
Premier League Most MOM Awards. 
Premier League Team of the Season. 
Premier League Player of the Season. 
Premier League top Goalscorer. 






Some of you might look at this and wonder what all the fuss is about. Yeah he's scored a few goals and won a few awards, but he's hardly Fat Ronaldo. Well let's have a look at the scoring record of those who have won the Finnish Veikkausliiga Golden Boot and then see how he compares. 

The previous record for league goals in a season was 18, (scored by Mikko Turunen in 2040), and Garðarsson (ISL) has just gone and scored 25 goals, beating the previous record by 7, (without taking any penalties).




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Is your son still first choice for you?

I noticed 2 other DL that are much better based on CA and PA.  

Is nepotism still running wild

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(30g) Nath O'Kav (ENG). End of Season 8. Dec 2046

On intake day



End of Season 1. Just the 2 appearances at the end of the 1st part-season. 




End of Season 2. He was our 1st choice left back all season and I even let him take penalties, (well penalty singular). He scored his 1st goal and was also capped by ENG U20's. That sounds really impressive, but obviously ENG isn't an active league so it's a less impressive accomplishment than it might have been. He's also learned the "gets forward wherever possible PPM" which I think is vital for my full-backs. 




End of Season 3. A much better season this year from Jr, who collected his 1st 2 MOM awards and was also names in the Veikkausliiga team of the month on 2 occasions. 




End of Season 4. His actual performances on the pitch were better this season, but he missed 5 from 9 penalties in all competitions, (which is awful), and many of these cost us points in close games. His season was disrupted by the Euro U19 Championships, (as he played in all games as England somehow ran out winners!!!) :eek: suspensions and  




End of Season 5




End of Season 6. You might notice that Jr only played 17(1) of 27 league games and he also only played 3 of 9 Cup games. He was injured for a month in Feb, (which explains missed Cup games), and the reason he missed the other league games was because he played in 12 European games, (so wouldn't have played in the league games either side). I have a choice as to whether I play him in European or league games, (he can't play both), and for the last 2 seasons I chose to play him in Europe over the league. It should also be mentioned that he collected 11 yellows and 1 red card this season, (his 1st career red).




End of Season 7. Jr started the season really well and had scored 1 goal and created 6 assists after only 16 games. Unfortunately that was his season over and he was unable to add to his tally. 




End of Season 8. Jr made 30(2) appearances, and was pretty decent if you ignore the 2 games we played Euro League qualifying. He was 100% from the spot, (but only took 1 surprisingly), and only created 1 assist, (which is also surprising). His CA and PA are both 2.0 and I think he's starting to really impact negatively on performances. He's not great going forward, (I often compare him to the opposite full-back when watching highlights), but it's defensively where he seems to most be a liability. I'm going to persist with playing him though, however he will play more European and Cup games and less league games as we chase our 1st title. I'm thinking of a few tweaks to try and encourage some more penalties this season. It should be mentioned that our 1st choice GK (42c) Tomi Lehtinen 5'11" scored 2 penalties this season, (when Jr wasn't on the pitch), but that's still a very low penalty count. @Derekawill notice that his Det has popped back to 10 and so he has moved from Low Self Belief back to Balanced. I think that's all that can be done for him but you never know. 




Injuries. Only 1 Minor injury this season which is brilliant. He missed 6 days with a Bruised thigh and that's it. :applause:





All Time progress. I've been training him in crossing this season, but the benefit has been marginal. He's 23 now so it should still be possible to improve him, but I would hazard a guess that as his progress seems to have come to a complete halt, his CA has probably reaches his PA. That doesn't mean that we still can't improve him of course, because there are some attributes that are not "weighted", (so don't get counted when totting up everything that makes up the CA). I will be completely honest with you and admit that I can't remember what these are and I really can't be bothered to go and fine out. Despite that, let's at least use our brains and try and work out what is likely to not be "weighted". 

I would expect all the Physical attributes to be weighted. 
The technical attributes that are most likely NOT weighted are probably the likes of free kick taking, long throws and penalty taking and I don't really have an interest in training them.
That leaves us with mental attributes which is far more of a grey area in this respect, (at least to me). I have a sneaking suspicion, (but can't remember for sure), that attributes under a certain value don't count towards CA so aren't weighted. My tired old brain is telling me that the figure is 14, but that can't be right because Jr doesn't have any attribute values over 14 so my brain is obviously wrong. 
That being said, I've already decided that physicals are out and I don't see any technicals that interest me, so let's concentrate on mentals. I'm looking for low values, but also low values that are going to be of benefit even if we can just increase then by 1 single point. 

I think it's important to point out that this section is largely based on me guessing. I don't know any of this and I'm not pretending to. There is a big difference between what we know, what we think we know and what we think. This is very much in the "haven't got a clue so let's have a guess" category and should in no way be taken as seriously as some of the Youth stuff I bang on and on about. 

Bravery is probably not weighted and is low because it started low, (at 4), popped to 6 before he got injured and then dropped down to 2 and is now up to 4 again. I don't care about it either way. Composure, flair, leadership, Off the ball, none of them seem interesting. Work rate on the other hand does, so without knowing if it's weighted, (it might be), and without knowing if the value of 8 makes an increase to count, (I have no idea), it would seem to be the best of a poor bunch of choices. 

So I'm going to train him on Endurance, (which covers stamina which is already on 12 so is unlikely to be able to increase, and Work Rate which we might just might be able to squeeze another +1 out of. 

The other thing I'm training him on is the "knocks ball past opponent" PPM. He already has the "gets forward wherever possible" PPM, and I think with acceleration of 14 it's probably the one that will be of most benefit to him. I can't teach him "dives into tackles" because of his low bravery, (or should I say "he's unlikely to learn" that PPM).


Career stats

League games played. 133(5)
Cup games played. 35(1)
Continental games played. 43
Total games played. 211(6)
Goals scored. 14
Assists created. 30
Yellow cards. 54
Red cards. 1

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26 minutes ago, Pompeyboyz said:

Is your son still first choice for you?

I noticed 2 other DL that are much better based on CA and PA.  

Is nepotism still running wild

Yeah he's still playing and for the 1st time this season there was quite a gulf between him and the rest of the squad. When the Ass Man selects the team, Jr often makes the bench, but is NEVER selected in the starting line-up. The Ass Man would rather play right backs ahead of him. 

These are the players who can play left back at the club, (ranked by CA). 


John Lenon (BRA) (DEN) is our 1st choice right back. 
Wallin (SWE) is the best left back at the club but I loaned him out to the Swedish top tier in 2045 but he played13(14) games in all competitions last season. I often select him on the bench and I woudln't mind if the Ass man brought Jr off at HT, but more often than now Wallin (SWE) comes on in midfield. Very strange. 
Úlfar Stefánsson (ISL) 6'0" is selected (by me at least), at centre-half rather than left back. 
(41g) Kim Tamminen is our 2nd choice right back. 
(41n) Joonas Lönnqvist is our 2nd choice left back, (if we ignore JR), who played for the B Team last season.
(40m) Jussi Furuholm is a right winger. 

(39g) Nath O'Kav (ENG) is the chosen one. 

(46e) Drilon Agushi. (ALB) is a left back who is never going to play for the seniors. 
(45g) Tommi Uusitalo. is a centre-half who is never going to play for the seniors. 
(45h) Jesse Keskinen. is a utility defender who is never going to play for the seniors. 
(45l) Housem Souayah. (TUN) is a left back who is never going to play for the seniors. 
(44m) Dennis Torstensson. is a left back who is never going to play for the seniors. 

@Pompeyboyz So he is effectively the 3rd of 3 options at left back, but playing more than both the others put together. :lol: Nepotism is still alive and well in Finland. 

I have made quite a few signings and I'm pretty sure that at least 1 of them is a left back. My plan is to keep playing Jr but to sell Wallin (SWE). I've started to have a slight problem where we are struggling to field enough Finnish produced players in our league games when we pick our strongest sides, (and that's why Jr is often picked on the bench by the Ass Man). My preference for Faroese and Icelandic players, (because they are cheap and because it's where I have played before in this save), is all well and good, but as we have brought in other Scandi's it means that we were struggling at times, (after we sold the 3 HG players last season), to balance quality with Finnish registration.

We need 4 players produced in Finland on the pitch. (That's usually not a problem at all). 
We need 9 players produced in Finland in the match squad. (That has been harder to manage and is something that I'm having to keep in mind as I sign new players).  


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30 minutes ago, Pompeyboyz said:

I see he is now back to a Balanced personality too

Yeah, in real terms all it is is a Det pop of +1. 

I should also add that it's been falsely engineered by me taking more notice of Det values of players when signing new recruits, but also considering which squad younger players should be moved to during development phase. 

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Transfers. Jan 2047

I mentioned recently that we have started to encounter registration problems with regards to a shortage of Finnish players at the club and being able to field 9 of them in each match day squad. If I look only at the senior squad, these are the Nationalities and 2nd Nationalities of players available. 

Wow. :eek: I can see now why it's a problem. We only have 9 players in the Senior Squad who are FIN as a primary Nationality. 


Jr also counts as Finnish, (so that increases the number to 10). 


We have quite a few Danes. 


A few from Iceland. 


And then the odds and sods. 


I'm looking to sell the Swede, Wallin (SWE) SELL, and the Bosnian, Mehanovic (BIH) (SWE) SELL and Albertsson (ISL) SELL is a bit of a utility player who didn't feature much last season so he can go too. 

We have 8 players already valued at £1M+ and the Swede is already on the transfer list. I want to make sure that if I am selling some of them, that it's the non-Finnish players who are being sold 1st. 

The Faroese player for example is Andreas Klakstein (FRO) and I'm tempted to start him ahead of the physical beast Garðarsson (ISL) in order to generate some interest and initiate a sale. I would sell Garðarsson (ISL) too if I'm honest, as long as it's abroad. 


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Reputation. Dec 2046

We're still behind FC Honka, but obviously closing on them now and it will be interesting to see how that translates to the quality of Youth Intakes when we look at the Facilities at each club. 


6,178 reputation HJK


5,729 FC Hoka


5,490 AC Oulu


I didn't realise that HJK had such good facilities. They are going to be very hard to overcome. 

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Jan 2047

Finnish Cup



Transfers In. I'm not very good at transfers. If I see I have a decent player in the U20's, I immediately just assume that he is the answer to all my problems in that position and just don't bother signing anyone. Not even when there was a player available on a free, immediately, who is currently better than the young player is EVER going to be. :lol: I'm just out of practice after all the Youth Only stuff. Then when I do sign players I go a bit mad and sign too many, often in the same positions, few of whom are able to play in the same team as any of the others because of registration rules. :idiot:


Kajally Jaiteh (DEN) (GAM) is a teenager I really  like the look of and was delighted to sign on a free. I'm going to be playing him through the middle, but I think he could also do a job wide right too, so expect him to start straight away. 



Daniel Karlsson was signed largely because he is Finnish. I have 2 foreign strikers vying for a starting position on the left of our attack, and I expect 1 of them at least to score enough goals to get him a move. I also like that he's a big lump if I'm honest. Although I knew he was big, (I had seen his jumping), I have only just realised that he's actually 6'7". 



Bjørn Christoffersen (DEN) was signed on a free, but the more I look at him the more I really like him. His physicals are not enough to make him a "cheat" player, but I do like the green on show in the agility and balance areas. (43g) Keijo Koskinen is the best right winger we have at the club, but Bjørn Christoffersen (DEN) is already on a par with him and will actually be my 1st choice. I plan on keeping him for 1 season, (2 maximum), and then selling him on for a tidy profit. 



Simon Martonen is a 2nd Finnish player who I have bought in to provide depth in the middle of the pitch, (where I thought we were weak). He won't make our best XI, but will certainly feature this season. Again, he's a short-term fix who I plan on featuring, and then selling on after a maximum of 2 seasons. 



Gisle Rimmereid (NOR) is a 3rd non-Finn, but I really like him and couldn't resist. He's a teenager who looks like he could play in multiple roles. I liked him initially as a DLF, but he's a lefty rather than a righty, but I also think he's capable of playing on the left in the more prolific role. I just wish he was Finnish. I keep being drawn to his 5.0 PA. He could be REALLY good. We paid £300k for him, but I think this will prove an investment over time. 



Jákup Eyðsteinsson (FRO) was signed before I realised the trouble I was in with a shortage of Finnish players. He was signed to play as a 2nd choice right back and to cover John Lenon (BRA) (DEN). He came through the Academy at my old club MB and is a senior International. 



Danielsen (FRO) looks decent, but he's also not Finnish. (I know I know I know). Again, I signed him before I realised there was a problem with registration. He's another Faroese International and we should make a tidy profit on him after a season or 2. 



Tummas Nielsen (FRO) (DEN) is yet another Faroese player, but this one was probably my main target of the whole window and is a long-term signing. We know that Jr is way out of his depth already, and I would hazard a guess that we would have already won the league had I not been selecting him based on his relationship to me rather than his ability. I've splashed out £1.7M on the 18 year old who is already capped at Senior Int level, but I really hope he could be good. A "cheat" full back you say...... Interesting. ;)



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Feb 2047.

Finnish Cup. I'm not completely sure what happened against FC Honka, but we topped the group so let's see if we can push on and win it from here. The 0 goals conceded by HJK is looking ominous. 



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Mar 2047

Euro Conference. I can't begin to tell you how annoyed I am at this result. We were absolutely awful in both games, (and STILL should have won). I've brought in too many players and many of them are senior players expecting to play. They don't seem to understand that this is last years competition and the squad was already registered and I can only register 3 new players. The squad is in absolute uproar and 1 of the Norwegians is homesick and wants to leave despite the fact that he has only just got here! Bloody foreigners! :lol:


We're out of Europe again but I'm feeling MUCH better about the squad. We have really brought in some quality and I think if I use this season to gel it together, then we should be a force to be reckoned with in some sort of European trophy this time next year. 

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Pro tip (which is really a bit of a cheat, so use with caution): if you go on holiday just before the European squad needs to be chosen, none of your players will be annoyed at not being registered.

The downside being that it's entirely left to the whim of your AssMan

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Just now, turnip said:

Pro tip (which is really a bit of a cheat, so use with caution): if you go on holiday just before the European squad needs to be chosen, none of your players will be annoyed at not being registered.

The downside being that it's entirely left to the whim of your AssMan

That sounds amazing, but also an outrageous cheat. :lol:

I wouldn't do it at the start of the season, but in this situation where I have already selected the squad because it is continued from the previous season and the game/players don't seem to recognise that then yeah I think I might use it. :thup:

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