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Posted the following in the general feedback channel:


Why can you not dispute with a player when they say that you haven't fulfilled your promise when you have?

Key examples being:

  1. You promised my match time wouldn't change when I returned from injury
  2. You promised me more match time.

You play these players in pretty much every match, and when they come complaining that you have broken your promise your options are

  1. Sorry pal, I promise I'll play you more
  2. Tough luck, do you want to leave
  3. I'm the manager, suck it up

Why is there no option that says 'I have played you in 90% of matches that you have been available for since the promise was made, your complaint is not upheld'??

Other examples being 'You said you would improve the coaching team', when you have, and 'you said you would reinforce the midfield, when you have.

I have paraphrased slightly on the chat options, but the main gist of it is there. It's really irratating to have to pander to them, or admit you have broken promises when you clearly haven't.


Response was

11 minutes ago, FrazT said:

This is definitely a module in the game that does need some tuning- if you have a save from just before any of these instances please upload it to the Bugs forum and let the guys have a  look at it


Here is a save file (hopefully saved at the right time). The forward in the team, 29. Oumar Traore, is about to kick off because his playing time on return from injury has not been fulfilled, despite the fact he has started pretty much every game since he returned, and has been subbed on on the few occasions he didn't make it. Also, 20. Marvin Kokos, has been kicking off about not getting enough promised gametime, despite the fact he has been started or subbed on for pretty much every match he has been available since he complained.

Save file - https://gofile.io/d/sa5Una



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