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Verification problem: Nation rules test verifies my division levels, but the actual leagues aren't listed as verified (and it crashes the game when I use the save)


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To make the title a little clearer:



When I verify the nation rules, the editor tells me that the verification was successful, and I get the message "(X/X Division Levels Verified)" in the top right corner.  So I can use the national edit file in an FM21 game.

However, as you can see from the middle of the screen in red, the actual leagues themselves are not listed as verified leagues.  This seems to be the reason that I cannot use the edit past the first season.  As soon as the game rolls over into the second season (20 June 2021) the game crashes.  I haven't included a screenshot of the crash message because there's no explanation in the message as to why the game crashed--I sent the crash report to SI two weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything about it.

Has anyone else had this problem?  I have no idea why one part of the editor would verify the nation rules, but another part would say that the nation rules aren't working.  I'm also unsure as to why these leagues can't be verified:  I've done other nation edits in FM21 without really doing anything differently with regards to dates or promotions/relegations, and those are working correctly.

Thanks in advance.  As you can see I've made over 100,000 edits to this database, I would love for it to be able to work!

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