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Low block is dead in this game?

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I did not play FM20 or FM19 but came back this year to FM21 and I notice that all the popular tactic makers and tactics that are posted on various websites that do well have atleast these settings

* Much higher line of engagement

* Standard defensive line (or higher, never lower)

* High tempo (Most of them)

This is true for all teams, be it elite, top, sub-top or relegation teams.  All tactics that do well have a very high line of engagement and never lower than standard defensive line.

There's a reason why knap and some other popular tactic makers never use a low-block tactic. The ME or AI is flawed. Relegation teams cannot even win with low blocks, only with high up engagements and pressure, it's really unrealistic. I would have loved to play a Mourinho/Simeone style tactic but it's just not successful on this FM sadly. If anyone found something what works, and don't come with a Liverpool tactic because that's a bad example, everyone knows Liverpool is a very easy team to play with. Take a sub-top, mid or relegation team and use it on those.

Everyone on this iteration of FM is playing like Klopp, doesn't matter if your team is 18th prediction or top 3 prediction, the ME is flawed sadly. Low block is dead.

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