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Loan players unavailable for selection??

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Hi, I’m relatively new to FM mobile so I could just be having a blonde moment, but I seem to be having some issues regarding selecting players I have recently brought in on loan....

I’m in second season and during the summer transfer window I have loaned 4 or 5 premier league 17/18 year olds (im Notts county in league 2!). 

unlike the season before they were put straight into my reserve team without the option to move to first team. I have played on a few months to see if it gives me the option after a while but still nothing.

I only have 34 players in my first team to plenty of room for them, and when I go into each loanees match eligibility it suggests they are available for selection.... I’m confused... anybody seen or experienced this before? Or alternatively am I being thick and missing something??

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Hi, I stupidly don’t have a save before they were signed... I got frustrated and started another game and the only saves I had were auto saves that have been overwritten. 
I can add some screenshots but I’m assuming that won’t be of any help!? 

1 photo showing my reserve squad with 6 loan players (all with huge values in comparison to rest of squad) 

1 photo showing the first loan player without the option to ‘move to first team’ 

1 photo showing that same loan players eligibility for my upcoming first team game as available




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  • SI Staff

Any chance you can send in the save game - I can take a look at it and see if its possible for me to fix it by transferring them into your first team for you (although that does require there being space - I expect the first team was full when you signed them?).

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