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Switch -23 teams to development league


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Hey guys!

I want to start a save in the League Two but also want al my teams (-18 and -23) to play competition.

For example: I want my Salford -23 team in the Development League Division South instead of Ipswich -23. I remove the competition by the Ipswich team, and add the competition bij the Salford -23 team. This always worked for me while playing and using the editor of FM20.

Now it doesn't work, Ipswich is still in the -23 Development League and Salford -23 is only playing practice matches.

Does anyone know how I can 'fix' this / make this happen?


Kind Regards!

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This is the file.

I deleted the Development League South by Ipswich, and added them bij Salford -23


When i check the rules i get this popup screen (see uploaded image). But the division South and North are 2 competitions with 10 teams each.. So i don't know where the 24 came away from...



Schermafbeelding 2020-12-23 om 11.08.54.png

Salford -23 test.xml

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