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Is there a way to improve frametime and framerate consistency in menus?

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Hi, I am not sure if this was always an issue in FM games or I just recently noticed it. Basically, the ingame framerate (outside of matches) is incredibly inconsistent and it wildly swings between 30-80fps as I move my mouse, which makes for pretty laggy mouse movement even though nothing in the game is happening, I am just moving my mouse. When I am in start menu or any 3D environment, GPU acceleration seems to kick in and My frametime is perfectly consistent and framerate is hitting the cap of my monitor and there are no spikes no matter how rapidly I move my mouse. I tried to force "use maximum performance" in Nvidia control panel but the game doesn't seem to care and GPU is basically at idle. I have Nvidia 3080 and Ryzen 5950X so it's not like ingame mouse movement should feel choppy.

Is there a way to force the game to render at a certain framerate? I tried changing various settings but it didn't seem affect it at all.

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Framerate isn't really the issue (since who cares at what framerate static screen is rendering at), just it would be nice to have "hardware accelerated mouse support" option (lot of older 2D games had it) , so the mouse smoothness is not affected by the framerate of the game. 

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