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Only 2 tabs available even at 50% zoom on the matchscreen touch tablet after the latest update


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I've posted about this before and I'm posting this again. Before the last update, at 85% I could get 4 tabs. Although the game is designed for 6 tabs I could make do with 4. But now with the latest update, even at 50% I can only get 2 tabs.

Things I've tried:

Changing the display settings of my laptop - doesn't help
Changing the resolution and zoom setting available in game - no combination can give me more than 2 tabs

I play on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which has a 3x2 aspect ratio for the screen. The scaling issue will not be fixed by changing resolution and zoom as it's clear the game isn't optimized for this aspect ratio. Since there is no way to change the aspect ratio of your screen (it is a physical property) I'm now stuck playing a game that is supposed to give me 6 tabs of information with 2 tabs with none of the mods taking this issue seriously even though multiple people have pointer it out.

Please fix it. The game is unplayable like this. 

Screenshot (170).png

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