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End of season review does not make sense


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This is a copy and paste from the Feedback thread, only slightly edited.
I just want to put you on notice as i don't have a save game to upload.
If i did it will still be a bit tricky due to the sheer size of the save file and my bad internet connection.

These 'no context' issues are just getting worse and worse. Or, i should say, more like same, same "nothing's been done".

End of season review. Swedish Division 2. 

Final table:

Checking the new arrivals. The board are disappointed with one deal. My consistent AMR who's been vital to our success.
The reason? Giving the player a wage that is too high for his place in the squad:

The thing is, he's on a non-contract. No wages. There are bonuses though with a relative high appearance fee. That might be what's triggering the board:

Moving on to 'How you lined up':

The 2 players Persson and Skarp. I have no idea who they are. Possibly played for the club at some point? But not with me. At all. Nor are they current players. They seem to have retired.
Filip Hellman and Lucas Lima? I sold them very early on. They didn't play a single competitive match for me.
Why are those 4 players there?
Seems like it's picking the wrong season. Hellman and Lima were there the previous season.
Which might be the case of the formation as well. 4-4-2? I haven't played 4-4-2 at all with this team.
This has been my formation the entire season:

It's been like this since Beta. I played Beta without mods. Now i play with mods. Difference is none.
I've also been with many different teams, in different countries. In both pre-release and post-release the end of season review is the same mess.

Pre-match interviews after the match has finished are also still happening. 

As i continue with the news i get the team report assessment for the upcoming season.
Best XI is still a 4-4-2. Where does this 4-4-2 come from? My assistant's preferred formation is 5-3-2WB.
I have one staff member who prefers 4-4-2 but he doesn't report on anything.
Apparently my PA, Signe Gryting, knows very little. She should be fired. 

Also notice on the notable weaknesses; "4-4-2 has contributed to the team conceding an average of 4 chances per 90 minutes played while using it this season".
I haven't used it. It's flat out wrong.
Now, while writing this, i do remember going on a defensive 4-1-4-1 in the dying moments of a few matches, to defend our lead. But that shouldn't qualify. Nor is it a 4-4-2.
But i have also created an impressive average of 7 chances per 90 minutes with the same formation. Yeah....the one i haven't used.
That is indeed very impressive.

That new season team report! I still haven't clicked Contine. Still the same date, month, year and time.
I flicked through a few pages and came back to that news item. It still talks about the 4-4-2 but now the Best XI looks like this:

Yup. It has changed formation.
Only produces one question inside my own little analytical brain.
What information in this game can i actually trust?
If i'm a manager then i really need to be able to trust the information i'm getting is true.
Is it the skin? Is it the game itself? Because i do know quite a bit of the stuff the game itself throws at me can be ambiguous and/or just plain wrong.
Who knows?! Not me. That's for sure. I'll just stick to my own analysis, squad building and tactics. That's all i do and it works better than any information the game is trying to throw at me.

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