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Highlights randomly switching to 'full match' without being selected

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Three times in the last couple of days, I've been watching a match and thinking 'this is going on a bit longer than usual' and noticing no breaks in play while the match advances to the next highlight. On each occasion, after 5mins or so, i've clicked the match settings button and found that the highlights mode have for some reason changed from 'Extended highlights' to 'Full match', without me changing it. I never change this setting manually.

It caused a real problem the first time it happened as it was 3am, I needed to go to bed, I needed to goto the loo, there was 80mins on the clock and I thought I'll just nip and do my business and the match will be finished by then. I returned and the match clock was on 82 minutes. I watched another 3 minutes before I realised the match settings had changed.

Has anyone else experienced this bug? I've only noticed it in the past week. Playing the Steam version, running the latest Steam patch.

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