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[FM21] - El Loco Abreu Flight Club: the Latin American Disloyalty Miles Programme


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One of the reasons for my unsationable love of Latin American football is the benchload of colourful personalities, crazy tournaments and the utter competitiveness of all teams - mostly helped by European clubs buying anything that has two feet before the age of 18.

A very big exception to the rule of "anything that is good, does not play in Latin America" is Sebastián Abreu. A footballer who, to the non-South American audience, is most known for scoring the panenka that sent out Ghana from the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and Uruguay through to a semi-final confrontation with the Netherlands. You remember the game. Luis Suárez punched out a Ghanaian header from the goal in extra-time. Suárez got sent off, but Asamoah Gyan cannonballed the penalty off the crossbar. Suárez was cheering next to the field, before heading to the showers. Uruguay would eventually beat Ghana. Probably the closest an African side has come to a World Cup semi-final.

Anyway, we're daddling off. I was talking about Sebastián Abreu, who for various reasons has received the nickname "El Loco". The crazy one.

Football's ultimate journeyman explains his motivation after playing for  record-breaking 26 clubs | Guinness World Records

Abreu is probably one of the greatest strikers in Latin American history. You... what? Yes, I'm serious. I know he's not that well-known in the Northern Hemisphere, but that might have something to do with his career. Just look at that thing of beauty:


Sure, it's one random ass list of clubs, but someone who's scored more than 1 goal every 2 games for a quarter of a century is a giant in my eyes.


Every now and then I go back to his Wikipedia page and just click through his list of clubs. Just, for the fun of it. Because these are the kind of footballers that make me interested in the obscurer stories. When Football Manager 21 came out, I suddenly had a great idea for a hommeage to this Uruguayan great: the Sebastián "El Loco" Abreu Challenge.

It's my first save in FM21, so as to combine something enjoyable and nothing too serious while trying to learn the new functions, the premise is pretty easy:


- I've loaded up all playable leagues of all twenty Latin American countries from Timo's league files
- I start as the unemployed alter-ego of Sebastián Abreu: a badgeless Uruguayan manager.
- I wait until I get a role as a manager at a Uruguayan club
- From then on, the circus starts: I may NEVER stay at the same club longer than ONE season. This also counts if I get hired a couple of games before the end of the season. I'll try and only sign one-year contracts, but if it turns out to be necessary, I will resign at clubs at the end of a season.
- I will try and work myself up reputation-wise and qualification-wise, battling through the image problems associated with the fact I am a complete club whore.

The goal?
- Well, as I said, I'm doing this just for fun. It's mostly a challenge to see how random of a career I can develop. The only ultimate over-arching goal that I would like to accomplish is to having managed in every one of the twenty Latin American countries (only Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking nations) as well as fulfilling the ultimate goal to eventually winning the World Cup with Uruguay. 

So here's our protagonist:


Ready to conquer your pants.


I said all twenty.

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I've loaded up all the abovementioned leagues with the start date being 1 January 2021. It took a little patience before the first wave of sackings in Uruguay, but it's 25 May and Sebastián gets his career off to a start at:






Estadio Olímpico de Montevideo – StadiumDB.com






Only eight games left on the schedule for the season, with only one this month before the league takes a break for the Copa América, but that goal should be doable, with being only two points from the playoffs.



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MAY 2021



A great start to life at Rampla Juniors with a big win over Albion, part in thanks to a hattrick from Chocho. We're now well back in the race for a playoff spot. June will be a quiet month because of the Copa América, so the next game will be in eight weeks.


This will help too.

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Marcelino Imbers :: playmakerstats.com

La Union, El Salvador to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua | Eat Bike Globe




The Uruguayan season might have been closing to end, but the season's just started in El Salvador! We've taken a little step back in terms of the country reputation, but we do get the possibility to manage close to a full season at Ciclón del Golfo. We're expected to finish at least second, which seems no hard task given that my predecessor had actually done a pretty good job. There's seventeen games to go to challenge El Vencedor.

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