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I've got a save running online (started in pre-release) with me managing Aston Villa and my bro managing Fulham. We've just finished our first season, but neither of us can sign players in the summer. Every transfer we agree to can only join in the winter window (on 1/1/2022). We then checked the calender and it turns out our entire summer window was deleted, not only this seasons but just summer windows in general, even next year. Any idea how to fix this?

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  • SI Staff

Hi guys, 

Thanks for the feedback and sorry that you have encountered this issue. 

There looks to be an issue with save games started in the Pre Release Beta which have yet to pass the 2021 season update day in England (June 24th). So any transfer offer made between the close of the January 2021 window and the 24th June 2021 will look to have a join date of 1/1/2022. 

Once you pass the 24th June 2021, the issue should resolve and any new transfer offer made should go through in the summer 2021 window, you may still encounter a red warning on the transfer offer page informing you that any transfer will go through on 1/1/2021 but at that stage this can be resolved by saving/reloading.  If a transfer has already been completed with a date of 1/1/2022 then unfortunately this is the date that the transfer will go through. 

Please let me know if you are still encountering this issue when navigating past the 24th June.

We are looking into what could be causing the problem. 


The issue has also been raised in the below thread. 


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