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Loan Manager rejecting transfer despite it not being his responsibility

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File uploaded to SI Cloud Service "GPelka - Arsenal - Rejected transfer"

Hi team, 

I think this may be a small bug but apologies in advance if I have missed something...

On the 20th Jan 2023 in my game, Crystal Palace make a transfer offer for one of my U23 players but my loan manager rejects it for "not meeting his valuation of the player" despite his only responsibility being to find loan moves for those on development list. The player is not transfer listed though is listed for loan and is on the development list. His price is £93,000 and the bid is for £120,000 plus add-ons. Despite not being listed for transfer, he has not been made unavailable for transfer so in my opinion, any offer made should be mine to decide what to do shouldn't it? Receiving transfer offers for any player is listed as my responsibility.

The save game starts on 19th Jan - - just continue to next day and its in the news items. 

EDIT - its just happened again with a higher transfer bid (£130,000) from the same club despite the fact I had changed the transfer status to "automatically accept bids above £120,000"

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