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A lot of club stadium is totally black seated inside

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I firstly thought it is only a Ferencvaros issue, but after playing a while, I found also a lot of other clubs with this. FM2021 is missing many club colored stadiums , a lot of club have only totally black seated stadiums in FM 2021, no color, no light. So not simple black, but totally no texture, or light... only totally black stadium seats (and some other unvisible full black parts, you can see in middle trinage), so black like a black hole, no any texture or light:

This issue is NOT only Ferencvaros, a lot of other clubs ALSO has this black, awful stadium like this. Looks like no any texture on seats and some other parts of stadium: I tried on 2 different PC-s and monitors, but still the same:


Version: 21.2

(It was good on FM20, issue only in Fm21.)
Need fix.



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