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Lags (stuttering in ME - Steps recommended by Sega support)

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I have been suffering with Lags and stutters since the beta, I will report here all the steps that Sega's support via email I talked about this problem.

1- I did all of these procedures recommended by support:


2 -

What I saw in the game: Doing these steps the starter motor seems more fluid but still showing lags (stuttering), it is very inconsistent, I started the game and had more lags and other times less lags.
This occurs when I place bleachers with fans and the graphic quality is too high or too low. I can say that the game that makes these changes in the control panel (Steam.exe and FM.exe) improves by 70%, would there be any improvement in view of not having lags? At FM 2020 I ran the FM with everything graphic: Very high.

The driver of my video card is always up to date, my windows is version 10. My computer is Intel with nvidia card. - I did the procedures and tested with the pure game (with no added graphics).

3 - 

I use the game in:
Hard disk: SO (C:)
Standard Dell SE2216H Monitor
I didn't overclock the video card or anything on my Desktop.

4 -

 I would like to inform you that I have already made all the changes requested by Sega in the video card control panel, the video card shows that the optimized game has very high quality (inside the control panel) ... The lags always appear when the camera moves faster and when it expands (regardless of whether you have fans or not, whether the graphics are very high, medium or low quality) ...

I notice something strange: I carry the best moments or goals to see if the lags appear and I see this: delays sometimes appear, sometimes with less intensity and sometimes the game is fluid without any stuttering. - Here I sent two files that were requested (Dxdiag and msinfo32).

5 -

 I have noticed the most frequent stuttering when the camera expands or when the camera moves quickly ... The lags occur in stadiums with or without a crowd, I also noticed that in games played during the day (with less light) the delays are less, while in games played at night (with the stadium lights on) the lag is more visible.

I tested the changes indicated in the video card control panel with the game without any graphics and with many graphics that I have, in both cases the lag is the same. One factor that caught my attention was: When loading the best moments of several games, stuttering sometimes does not appear, sometimes it seems very strong and sometimes it appears less often.

Regarding the FPS I had already tested with 60 and 120, in fact with 120 it improved a little, but it still has many flaws. What I am finding strange is that even reducing the graphic options within the game, there is no change in this problem, either in very high quality or in very low quality, delays happen. In FM 20 I played with everything on the chart very high and in this FM 2021 since the beta version I notice these delays happening.

I don't know if it's my impression, but by decreasing the font of the game's skin letters (95% away) I found the lags a little smaller, but it still bothers me a lot. Finally, sometimes I have noticed the timer stopping for a few seconds and then time passes again, I don't know if this has to do with this problem with the starting mechanism.

6 - 

- I put the executable Fm.exe with the option checked to run as administrator and checked the option not optimization in full screen
- After placing 60 FPS and Vertical Sync On, the lags were less intense, but still incostant, appearing sometimes and sometimes not.

- I notice the stuttering happening clearly when the ball is in the middle of the field and there are many players in the center of the screen, as well as in very long passes that cross the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen and the opposite too. Finally, the game is in maximum configuration (in my configuration the video card control panel recommends this, everything is very high) and runs perfectly in most cases, but with these delays occurring.

7 -

 I use Avast Antivirus, I tested playing without it and stuttering still occurs, there is no program running in the background and even so I suffer from lags. I updated my windows in this version period (Windows 10 20H2).

8 -

Stuttering is occurring in field-side movements (when movement is occurring at the bottom of the monitor screen) and I also notice when the camera is higher, farther away. At the same time, it is still inconsistent, sometimes I carry a movement from a previous game and catch it with lag, sometimes catch it without lag and sometimes catch it more or less with lag.

I tested playing on television while playing the previous FMs and the same thing happens, I am really bothered by this because I paid dearly for the game and my computer is good enough for the game to run smoothly at maximum setting.

9 - 

Finally, I tested uninstalling my video card driver in a manual way and installing it by downloading from the official website and it didn't solve the problem!

10 -

I saw several posts still in the beta version of topics without solving this problem, people with configurations much higher than mine also complaining, I believe that a better optimization is necessary, FM has already caused these lags on Nvidia cards for about 3 years ( this was the first year that I have noticed this).  

Sega support only recommended that I leave my settings in the prescribed ways and play at lower graphics settings, and reported that they were analyzing and researching the cure for this problem. Honestly I love FM a lot, it's the only game I play and I hope to adjust soon!

Hug to everyone !


DxDiag Leon.txt msinfo32.nfo

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OK- there is nothing obvious in your dxdiag report. This is not happening across all machines with the game, so it is just a unique combination of set up circumstances with your computer that can be causing this.  Is the computer custom built?

Since SEGA support have obviously been investigating and advising you, there is little that we can suggest that wont have been mentioned before and is is purely trial and error.

Start by removing all of the third party graphics that you have: skins, facepacks, logos and everything else that is added to the original game.  Make sure that Windows defender is running then uninstall Avast.  Go into Device Manager and roll back the NVidia driver to the previous version and be prepared to do this twice to go back to the second last driver version.

Try the game with the graphics settings at high and then reduce them one setting at at time if the lag still exists.  Try also running the game in windowed mode and with different zoom settings.

If none of these works, then we will have to leave it to SEGA to investigate and advise.

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45 minutes ago, bakersdozen22 said:

What happens to FPS when you turn the crowd off in the preferences in the game?

When trying this, set all the other settings to default if you've been changing them in Nvidia settings etc. Everything at default and just turn the crowds off. It's fixed it for me

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20 minutes ago, Warman2018 said:

Random, but i find if i plug the charger in i dont get any lag.. try it :)

It is worth remembering that usually it is always better to have the computer connected to the charger if/when you are suffering from a lag.  It may not cure the issue but it certainly cant do any harm.

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Hello friends, I come here to say that I managed to fix this problem.

I put my computer (desktop) for maximum windows performance as explained in this video here:


I configured the video card through the control panel according to the instructions in this video:

(I was unable to set my monitor to 75 Hz)



And I can play Football Manager 2021 just like Football Manager 2020 played, I really can't explain why the lags and stutters stopped, but I'm really happy!

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