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Goalscorer Notification Not Disappearing


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Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this and why it's not been picked up on previously...seems to have been an issue on my games since the BETA. 

Every time an opposition player scores the pop up with their name at the bottom sticks there until another goal is scored, rather than disappearing after a couple of seconds. 

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It’s getting really annoying now! I could have swore it wasn’t happening for a while and maybe came back after the latest update? 

On 23/12/2020 at 17:55, vacuumcat said:

I get this after most goals. 

If I go to tactics and then cancel it will remove the pop up

Best thing to do but occasionally I forget then see a goal has been scored, get angry I’ve conceded again before I realise that was the guy who scored 15 minutes ago and it was actually my team scoring this time!

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