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Release Clauses for staff members


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For me this is a very basic and easy to implement feature that this amazing game is missing.

Teams paying other teams for staff or staff having release clauses isn't the norm, that is true, but they do exist. And in this game, to my knowledge, it's impossible to have them.

This opens choices when trying to protect your key staff.

It does happen in real life, a recent exemple is Rúben Amorim from Sporting CP in Portugal that had a 10 milion € release clause from his previous club and it made it all the ways to the courts because Sporting didn't want to pay. There are other examples that I know of, André Vilas Boas when he left FC Porto.


This should be so easy to implement since the feature already exists for players and would avoid those moments when you are a smaller club and keep getting staff poached year after year because there is no way to protect them or get a decent compensation.

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