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Reserve and Youth Teams Creating a New Club


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So, I'm creating a new club in the lower leagues of England (have a database down to tier 10) and am wondering about youth and reserve teams. For most of the clubs attributes I've been modelling them after similar clubs in the tier (reputation, finances, etc.) However, teams at this level don't have youth or reserve teams and obviously I will want those as I get promoted through the ranks.

Does FM automatically give me the option to start a youth team or reserve team as we become more financially successful, or is this something I need to include from the start via the editor. If this is something that I need to do in the editor, my next question is about placing them into youth and reserve competitions because, obviously, for the first few seasons I won't have a large enough squad to fill my youth and reserve teams, so it doesn't make much sense to have them competing in any competitions until later seasons.

I'm aiming for realism here if at all possible, so that's why I might be coming across as a bit nitpicky, but any help or advice in this regard would be much appreciated.

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