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Do you always need to offer a contract again when a young player on non-contract is approached?

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I'm having a few 16/17 year olds on non-contracts, and sometimes they get approached by other teams who also offer them a non-contract. (deal: 0€).
I always have the reaction to offer them a new contract myself, sometimes just exactly the same non-contract offer they are already on.

But I'm wondering, is it needed? I'm afraid if I don't do it they just take into account the offers of the other teams... (while it shouldn't make a difference really if I'm offering them a contract exactly the same they already have)

Like the case in the screenshot, he says he's interested but also willing to stay... is he also willing to stay if I don't do anything? Or should I offer him a contract just to show him "I'm also ok that you are staying"


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