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(Pre-game) Does anyone know why all my custom leagues' fixture schedules end up heavily frontloaded?


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Hey guys, 

I understand that this is a very generic question, the way I ask it, but it seems like a re-occuring theme in all my custom leagues the last 3-4 editions of FM and I was wondering if someone has an insight on the topic.

Whenever I create a league and I just change the nation rules on the basic level, simple stuff only, number of teams, maybe groups or whatever, add a national cup of sorts, very basic stuff moding-wise, no matter what the number of fixtures per season, whether it s a 44 games marathon league like the English championship for example or a 28 games per season elite league, it doesn't matter, it seems like the fixtures get insanely congested from August to October, maybe November as well and then the teams get to play like 2 or 3 matches in April and May and have huge gaps in between them. 

Since I am not setting the dates manually for every matchday in those leagues, I was wondering if there is a way to improve the situation. Do I need to go to advance rules and look to create the match schedule from scratch (not even sure that s an option tbh), am I missing something of importance in the way I craft my custom leagues? Does anyone have a similar problem and managed to find a way around it? 

I will leave a screenshot of just a random example to make my point clear, this is similar to what happens to most of my custom leagues' fixtures (you can notice how congested December is in comparison to let's say March). 

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

**EDIT** Oh it seems like I mispositioned this post, I doubt this is a "bug", feel free to move it around to its proper location.


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