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Critique/Feedback/Fix My Team

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I'm in year 3 of my Leeds save and am heading backwards... Finished 6th, then 8th and now I have 13 points through 11 games with 9 goals scored and 14 conceded. We just can't seem to put the ball in the back of the net, some games our xG looks alright, but most games we're just getting outplayed. We generate more low quality chances, but the opposition usually gets one or two high quality chances that they convert.

Leicester and Palace both got relegated, so I thought bringing in Maddison and Eze for pretty good deals would be a huge boost, but... it hasn't really materialized.

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 11.50.44 PM.png

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How should I approach fixing that then? As simple as a mentality adjustment on one (or both) of my wingers? Instead of an advanced playmaker, maybe a more attack oriented midfielder (a CM on attack for example?)

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I'm sure there's all sorts of stuff to try, but a couple ones I'll offer up:

  • Something as simple as putting Raphina to IF(A) instead of IF(S) - if we're going to follow the typical attempt to  'balance' the tactic.
  • And have you tried swapping Maddison and De Ketelaere? I'd think Maddison would be someone you'd be keen to have on the ball more often than not and he can definitely play as an AP.
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I personally would not use an AP with the attack duty in a tactic that is obviously quite possession-oriented like yours, simply because with the attack duty - the AP looks for fast transitions and quick passes forward whenever possible, which is clearly not possession-friendly. 

Not sure the Dribble less TI is necessary. If you want certain players to dribble less because they are poor at dribbling, you can use the related player instruction instead. 

I don't know if your players are good enough for such an extremely aggressive manner of defending, so cannot suggest anything specifically, but I personally would never be that aggressive (my preference is to defend intelligently rather than aggressively).

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In possession instructions:

You have dribble less TI but have seven roles (including the SK(A)) that have hard coded dribble instructions in their PI. Not sure if it is going to make too much of a difference if I am being honest.

Work ball into box is also a instruction that should be used on a match to match basis.

Transition instructions: 

Generally not too much of a problem but should also be tweaked on a match to match basis

Out of possession instructions:

Very risky setting that could work but also backfire very easily especially against better teams

Player roles: Not too familiar with the players so can only give general suggestions. I will prefer the advanced playmaker and the box to box midfielder to swap sides so that the inverted winger can stretch some width and space for the box the box midfielder to run forward. This will also concentrate your build up at the right side with the advanced playmaker and ball playing defender on the same side. This will set the inverted winger or the box the box midfielder for a late run into the box 1 v 1 since the defense is now concentrated on one side. I will also question the need for an advanced playmaker on attack duty since your tactic is definitely more possession based and the front three can dribble. So there is a question on the need for another player in that position to drive the ball forward quickly.

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