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Who's your real life manager parallel?

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Are you Klopp? Guardiola? Or a specialist at saving the relegation candidate like Big Sam?

After flaming out in my 3rd season in charge after significantly over-achieving for my first two season I've come to the conclusion that I'm Mourinho, not really a long-term solution at any one club. Maybe it's my transfers, or my tactics are being found out by the AI and I am incapable of adapting... or maybe the players just stop playing for me, I can't say.

This has been a repeating issue I've had with FM for... as long as I can remember. Tends to be why I find my most long-term success in a journeyman style save.

So who are you?

Also... I'm looking for advice to turn my ineptitude around.

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Take over a mid-table top tier club, get them playing really badly, get them to the point where they can't recover from relegation, then walk out and do the same at the next club ...


... yep, I'm following the Mark Hughes management playbook  ;):D


(This post may be slightly facetious)

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2 hours ago, RHKC said:

Choose a club and stick with them. 4-4-2. Never rotate. Hate the board.


Sir Sean Dyche :brock:

I think I'm the same! Always played 4-4-2, like two big guys up top (Barnes and Wood), two wingers with good crossing (McNeil and Gudmundsson) and two hard working centre mids (Brownhill and Westwood). I prefer more attacking full backs that he does though.

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Not sure really. Play 4-1-4-1 almost exclusively, with wingers and an AP getting forward to support a DLF.

Like to go mid-table sides and build them up over multiple seasons and then stick with them to whatever end.

Oddly though about this a few months ago and found a manager I thought was perfect, but forgot who it was.

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Like a bargain in the transfer market and can't resist a bit of wheeling and dealing. Generally quite media friendly and always good for a quote on transfer deadline day. Generally start down in the lower leagues and work my way up to the big time. T'riffic!

Yup you guessed it, good old 'Arry Redknapp 😁


Not been asked to go in the jungle yet though...

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No particular manager but I play the good old 442 fast direct football. actually liked the way spurs played when Harry Redknapp used Bale/Lennon as wingers and Defoe/Crouch as small and big strikers.. Just the sad thing it’s just hard to find typical natural hit and run wingers in FM as most players tend to be inverters wingers.. 

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