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Editing tv and prize money fm21 editor

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8 hours ago, Voodooman said:

Could you please describe it in more details, where to find prize money and tv editing 



Basic Editor TV money



Basic Editor Prize money




Advanced Editor Money Section .... You can do Prize money in League settings also 


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FM20, league prize money

Way 1) "nation rules>divisions>division n>prize money

Way 2) "advanced rules>divisions>division n>money>final ranking money
(rarely works)

Way 3) "Advanced Rules>Division n>Stages>Stage n>League Settings."
The first tream must be ranked as rank 0, not 1.

For tournaments:
1) (prime de participation) : Advanced Rules>Division n>Stages>Stage n (coupe)>Général>prime de participation (milieu de page)

2) (prime de victoire) Advanced Rules>Division n>Stages>Stage n (championnat)>Paramètres de championnat (bas de la page)

3) (somme remporté par le vainqueur et prime pour le perdant) Advanced Rules>Division n>Stages>Stage n>Tours>Tour n>général

4) (droits tv pour un match) Advanced Rules>Division n>revenus>droits TV pour un match

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