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Crowd in 3D match view has issues since 21.2.0 update

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Good Evening,

See attached screen shots of the crowds since the update today......man of them take on the team color, but do not have the human detail.

Any ides how to correct or what could have happened (have tested with original skin and 3rd party skin with same results.......I have verified game files and cleared cache to see if that helped as well..

......it's like Blue Man Group came to the game :-)



Crowd Scene 2.png

Crowd Scene 3.png

Crowd Scene 4.png

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Hi Jack - I have uploaded the save game to the Own cloud "1 ARSENAL - NOTTINGHAM FOREST" - under Anonymous as the sender.

I have 2 other saves as well and the same crowd issue....... for the games already played or for a new game. All other graphics within the game are normal.




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My iMac updated to Big Sur a few weeks ago and I do not have any further software updates available, so the drivers should be up to date. (The website for AMD graphics only allows for Windows, Ubuntu or Linux manual updates).

Still the same.......I even tried to create a new save without any added editor data, 3D Kits or 3rd party skin and the issue still occurs....weird. 

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