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Scouts Learning New Countries

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Hey everyone, been trying to get my scouts learning new countries, but struggling.

I get ones with high adaptability but it seems as tho even when the fully learn a country then forget it quickly, trying to improve my world knowledge.

Is this the way its meant to work, feels a bit pointless doing this is thats the case, ill just sign scouts with knowledge in certain areas and dont bother with high adaptability.

Any Advice welcome.

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Adaptability only improves how quickly the adapt to scouting a new country/region.

Sure country/regional knowledge that is learned during the game is lost over time if that scout no longer scouts in that area.

Always find it better to have scouts that already have knowledge of the area you want to scout. If that's not possible and you really want that country or region scouted then go to a high adaptable scout.

Add - The higher the knowledge of the country/region and the higher the JCA/JPA attributes will probably end up finding more gems than those with less knowledge and attributes.

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