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What do you work on during a losing seasons?

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Here is a topic I do not think I have seen anyone mention. What do you do during the lost seasons when you have no chance of winning?


In my current save I got promoted from English League One to Sky Bet Championship in first season (I realize now this was to early). I have stretched my Payroll as far as it will go to $7 million. Other teams average $26 million with highest at $60 million. My team, compared to other teams just isn't that good. My team is way outmatched and way outgunned and there isn't any money in the coffers to bring anyone in. As I told a friend I have a great League One team, the problem is I am in the Championship.

Board says fight bravely against Relegation and gives me a grade of C despite a record of 1 win, 14 draws, and 12 losses. (22nd, 23rd, and 24th, get relegated and I am 23rd). It is to the point now that I look at draws as a good result.

How do you keep Morale high when you are loosing so much? (Currently my morale about bottom).

So what should I be working on. Scouting is obvious. Should I do away with any Match Preparation and set training to work on other sets of attributes during training?


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I'd experiment with tactics. Even if you can't stay up this season, there's a good chance you'll be in the same situation 2 years from now, and you'll need to find a system that allows you to steal some points against better teams.

To look at it with optimism, you've avoided defeat in more than half your matches, so you're not totally non-competitive. You just need to find a way to turn some of those draws into victories. Not sure how far from safety you are, but points add up fast in a relegation fight if you start getting them 3 at a time.

For morale, try to use timely team meetings. Don't call one right before you play a top team, because they'll likely wax you and morale will go right back down. Look at the schedule and try to find a run of 3-4 games where you've got a decent shot, then rally the troops with a meeting and try to build some momentum.

I wouldn't give up on match prep training. Getting some points and getting morale up is going to be more helpful than a little more attribute work, especially since you may be looking at some roster turnover in the near future.


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