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Hi guys, im fairly new to fm and I encountered a registration issue in my second year with Napoli. So in the first season the board told me that I had 2 non EU spots and 1 was already taken. I signed Taison from Shakthar as 2 and all was fine. Midway the season I bought Matias Arezo and agreed that he will be joining Napoli in the summer of 2021. So far so good. Fast forward to the end of the season, my rb Hysaj had no intention to renew his contract so I started searching for a replacement and found Dodo from Shakthar and agreed terms that he will be joining summer 2021.

Now the new season start and I get an email that there is only 1 spot available for a new non EU player and that he has to meet some criteria (national caps). Well Dodo doesn't meet this so that is a problem. Now this email state that I could free up an extra non EU spot without any criteria if I sell or loan an existing non EU player to a club abroad or terminate his contract (This already happend as Hysaj left for Arsenal on a free).

But that wasn't enough as I still couldn't register Dodo. So after trying to offload some non EU players which didn't work out I terminated 1 non EU contract thinking all wil be good. But this is not the case, I still can't register Dodo, his status is (grey) Ine. At the same time i never registered Arezo. 

I fail to see why i'm not meeting criteria here... 

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