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Maintaining Sharpness of 2nd String


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Im looking for some advice on how to keep my second string match sharp when they are over 19 so cannot play for the U19 squad and the club does not play in a reserve team or the board won't let you form a 'b' team.

The only thing I can think of is to play some friendlies, but as I also want the 2nd string to train on the schedules I use the with the first team, this is not possible as I would have to schedule a friendly on a training day, when realistically I want to play the friendly on the same day as my match, but the game wont let me.

Is there any way around this to keep my 2nd string match fit so that they can easily step in if an injury occurs, I also don't want my 2nd string to just sit doing nothing when they should be playing reserve type games, but I cant schedule the game when I want to

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If you have no reserve team, you should really try to have a smaller senior-squad, and just try and use the u19 to complete a second string line-up.

If you have 3-5 senior players in the second string, you could maintain the sharpness with just rotation.

A larger number would make some players not stay fresh throughout the season. 

You should not play friendlies instead of training the seniors btw. 


Or do you have a reserve team but no league for them? Then you can go to "responsibilities" and make the reserve manager arrange friendlies every week if there is no match scheduled. If no reserve manager, you can arrange them yourself.



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