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Hi all. I'm just exploring skinning for the first time and I'm  struggling to locate part of the skin in the XML.

I'm creating a subtler, softer skin and am trying to tone down the purple to achieve the grey tone on the right of the image.

I can't seem to find what I need to change the left hand side to match it to the right. Believe it's the core background(?).

Any clues?

Screenshot 2020-12-16 at 17.14.06.png


Screenshot 2020-12-16 at 17.15.57.png

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Can anyone help with this please?

I simply want to adjust the purple background on the left (within green box) so I can match it with the rest of the colour scheme which I have created. I want the club colour graphic to remain.

The right hand side is masked to a (modified) gradient supplied with the 21Base file. I can change the colour value for that in the config. That is the colour I'd like the left hand side to be.

I can't find the left hand side for the life of me. Is it even set in the config? Or is it a solid object somewhere else?



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